2012 – A Personal Message from Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Once every 26,000 years, the orbit of the sun crosses the equator of the Milky Way, aligning our solar system with the heart of the galaxy. The next occurrence of that great cosmic event is now less than a year away, on December 21, 2012 the day of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.

Some of the indigenous elders interpret the ancient prophecies of the Inka, Hopi, and Mayans to mean that we are facing an era when many souls, who haven’t awakened to their higher consciousness and recognized their eternal nature, will be lost, absorbed into the void. Other elders believe there will be a great culling of humanity through war, pestilence, famine, and drought. But others are very optimistic that we’ll be able to create a world of peace and that our technology will allow us to thrive despite the challenges we’ll face. All agree that we’ll need to make dramatic changes if we’re to have any hope of continuing our species.

Despite the labor pains that are inevitable, we can prepare for the birth of a new age of humanity. We have to dedicate ourselves to becoming comfortable with our shadow as well as our light, healing the wars within us as best we can so that all of humanity can heal and evolve.

As we prepare for this journey, we must leave behind the old perceptions of our world. Then we will enjoy a new era of cooperation as we begin to live in harmony with each other and our environment.

This is the time of Pachakuti, the one who brings an era to a close (pacha means earth or time, kuti means the end of, or to step outside of). Pachakuti built Machu Picchu and expanded the Inka empire to a territory larger than the United States. His return is seen not as the return of a mythical being but the return of an era of people who live in right relationship with Mother Earth, acting as her stewards rather than exploiting her.

It is the end of time, but not the end of humanity. It’s the beginning of a new millennium of gold. However, this prophecy is not written in stone; if we want to usher in this illumined era, each of us must play a part in becoming the Pachakuti. We can do so unconsciously and experience agitation and suffering, or we can play our part consciously, participating in healing and growth.

As we heal individually, our families, communities, and world heal as well. In the mythical storm that surrounds us, we can be the eye of the storm rather than be swept up in it and launched into frantic survival mode.

You can start making changes right now that will help bring awareness and balance into your life each day. Create a positive environment around you. Hold on to beauty and light. This is a time to shine. You have already begun the process of transformation. Know that December 21, 2012 will come, and put away a good bottle of champagne for that turning point. Those of you who are reading this will make it through this time and be able to stretch out your hand to others so that they can make it as well.

2012 is now. You can thrive more than you ever have. Cleanse your body, detoxify, lighten your load, and forgive yourself as well as anyone you hold a grudge against.

Each of us can choose to work at the level of the mythic to evolve into homo luminous, where we will be able to age, heal, and die differently.

As this time of the New Year, a time of renewal and beginnings, take some time to sit in the beauty that surrounds you. Close your eyes and imagine who you want to be—and embody that being today.

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