2012 in Layperson’s Terms

2012 is here, the year we have been waiting for. This is the year movies, books and numerous articles have been written about; the year of doomsday or enlightenment many experts say. What does 2012 really mean now that we are here and how will it affect your day to day life?

For the Shaman, the year 2012 is a huge energetic event; an energetic event that has been prophesized by many different indigenous cultures including the Mayan, Hopi, and the Inka. You can look at 2012 as a window, not as a specific date. It is a window of opportunity that has been opening over the last ten plus years and will continue into the future. Yes, there will be a 2013.

For the Shaman, this is the year we have been waiting for because the energy available gives us an incredible opportunity for growth and change. This is a year of acceleration, which if you can tap into, gives you tremendous opportunity to create what you want in your life.

The energy around 2012 is created by the many cyclical patterns that complete this year. You can think of it like a spiral, or hamster wheel, that now has “jet fuel” added and is advancing to warp speed. The prophecies say that you will go through an entire life in a month, and then in a week, and then finally in a day as we move closer to the December 21st solstice.

How this shows up in your daily life is what I call “everything is up”. This means that every old story or pattern that hasn’t been healed or shifted is in your face. These old stories include all of those shadow elements you have buried or hidden away, such as unhealthy family patterns, patterns you have learned to live with or accept as unchangeable or not worth the energy required to change.

You may feel overwhelmed when you are in the middle of the storm, and you may find you have the tendency to close the box or bury these issues again. It may seem much easier to go back to sleep or long for the time when these patterns were not presenting themselves to you.

In the Light Body School we say, bring them on! Bring on all those old patterns and places that need attending. You want to know what is stopping you from becoming the new human, the human who glows with light, called homo-luminous. This is the time to stay awake, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you 2012, for allowing us to be on our healing journey.

One of the amazing things the energy of 2012 gives us is that jet fuel. As you stay awake the fuel not only brings the unhealed places up to be addressed, but the gift is that it helps facilitate movement towards healing. This is exciting. What used to take months or years to transform or heal can be done in days or weeks. It is important to bring everything up to consciousness, and then to work the old imprints out of your luminous energy field.

This is the time to step in and do your healing work.

Go on your healing journey, take the Light Body School, journey to Peru or call and schedule a session. Keep things moving. Know you can hold it lightly and stay out of the drama and that you can transform with ease. Thank you 2012, or the jet fuel.

2012 is a window that is open so we can create the new millennium of gold and enlightenment that Alberto has been speaking about. This is what we have been waiting for. The energy available gives us the opportunity to launch the world into a time of peace and light. This is the time you want to stay awake, find stillness through going on your own healing journey and be the visionary.

Tap into the energy of 2012 and create what you want in your life. Help dream the global dream. With each prayer you create, consciously step into this auspicious time in history.


  1. Linda
    Since I left home, 42 years ago I have felt a growing sense of adventure. I ALWAYS knew there was something more to this life. At 9 years of age I had an experience that shaped my thinking and more profoundly how I felt and proceeded with my life.
    Your words in this post that state “a year will feel like a month and a month will feel like a day” resonated withing my spirit and I had to respond. I have spoken with people on a similar journey as mine and those who struggle with it being that simple, and all witness to this feeling like “time is speeding up”. “it feels like there’s never enough time.”
    I have felt we are on the precipice of “something big” about to happen for decades. I realize that with all of the conscious thought and energy moving in that direction, that it is no surprise that even the skeptics have a hard time dismissing the fluctuations in their own spirits. I sense something “big” something knew in regards to the way our species conducts itself….based on Love instead of fear. Thanks for reenforcing this awareness.

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