2012 – Preparing for the Opportunity

Although the Inka Prophecy of 2012 speaks of a time of doom, for the shaman it offers an unprecedented time of opportunity to manifest what you want to create in your life.

The prophecies foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and resides in their eternal nature. The prophesies say that we have the opportunity to become this human, who is homo luminous. The ancient medicine men and women of the Andes have passed down to us the processes or tools to craft a new destiny not only for ourselves, but for the earth. Our most challenging step is to have the courage to see a different world.

The energetic processes offered in the Healing the Light Body School and Medicine Wheel teach the specific healing techniques to cleanse your luminous energy field, which is a great reservoir of fuel that keeps you healthy and strong. As this energy field becomes a clean container it is then available to hold the nine great initiations of the medicine way, called the Munay Ki.

The rites of initiation are one portion of the energetic processes that prepare you to become homo luminous.  It is critical to step on your journey to become a person of wisdom and power through the wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel. This legendary journey allows you to break free from old stories, karma, genetic drama, and ego. The most important step on your journey of power and wisdom is to learn to be the visionary or dreamer of what is possible for the world.

The Healing the Light Body School, which includes the wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel, create the container of “who you are” to hold the rites of initiation.  Our goal is to not only manifest what we want in our lives, but to also have the courage to assist others in creating harmony and beauty in their lives. We want to learn to dream with our eyes open so we envision and create a world of peace.

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