2012 Shifting Currents

Part of the legend of 2012 is that each month will become one lifetime and this acceleration will continue so that we experience a full lifetime each day. As this shifting continues it brings everything up to the surface for review. Any unresolved issue or lingering imprint comes to the surface for our attention.

It is easier now than ever to get caught in the undertow or mud the stirring up creates in our lives. It is key to remember to let the emotions pass through you and not cling to the residue the currents bring forward. The easiest way to work with what the current stirs up is to come back to ceremony.

Ceremony; whether it is a simple altar or sand painting is the primary tool that lets you come back into balance. The shaman uses fire ceremony because it burns cleanly and quickly.

In this time of shifting seasons and flow you may want to create a water ceremony. You could use a bowl of snow, river, ocean or faucet water. As you think about what the current has brought up for you, and the gift this offers you, then you can place your offering in the water. You can add other items like essential oil or even floating candles. Eventually your offering could go to a larger body of water or your garden as a way to feed the seeds that are germinating. It is the honoring of the gift that then lets your river of life flow fresh again.

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