18 Year Old Balsamic Vinegar – Advanced Divination and Advanced Soul & Destiny Retrieval

Stepping into the room the smell of French bread fills my nose. It is almost overwhelming.  My mouth automatically begins to water in response.  The loaf was fresh, right out of the oven.  It was perfect – golden brown on top, warm, glistening with a fine coat of butter melted across the top. Definitely the best of the best! I felt the deep temptation to break off a chunk and eat it immediately – overriding my mind who knew it was for the sustenance and nourishment of others.

The best of the best – Advanced Divination.  This is the class where you learn how to master the shaman’s art of tracking and seeing.  Most importantly you learn the ethics of tracking.  When your vision is opened up you will start to see things that are absolutely inappropriate to see and you can actually cause harm by putting your vision on them.  Your seeing is critical to dream the world into being… and yet we want to grab the loaf and eat it all without learning how to bring nourishment to others.  This is the shaman’s path, to learn to hold your power, which is your seeing, in deepest service for the world.

It is mandatory as you walk this path of service that you learn how to become “still” so you can see with clarity, even in the middle of the chaos happening in the world and in your life right now.  Tracking is so important that Four Winds offers two “seeing” classes.  If you have completed your West Direction of the Light Body, and learned the perceptual states, I invite you to come and taste the Best of the Best with Advanced Divination.  In these amazing times we are in, gifted shamans, those who know clarity, are needed.  

My husband and I found the 18 Year Old Balsamic Vinegar in a small store on the waterfront in Portland, Maine.  It was hidden in one of those places stuffed with kitchen gadgets, exotic cookies and crackers, and rows of teas and spices.  The 18 Year Old was along with dozens of other vinegars, which all looked to be the same brown and just as special.  I’d never been much of a balsamic vinegar person, and a little always went a long way, until I tried the 18 Year Old.  It was heaven in a bottle, tart and sweet and so very smooth.  I never would have known if I hadn’t taken a taste.

That 18 Year Old Balsamic is like Advanced Soul Retrieval/Destiny Retrieval.  It isn’t for everyone and as Alberto says, “very few shaman have the ability to track and work with destiny.” And it must be tasted to know.  You will dive into the realm of the underworld and refine your Soul Retrieval skills.  Once you have done 5 -10- 15 Soul Retrievals, and know the map of what Carl Jung calls the collective unconscious, then… and only then, can you learn to become a master shaman in the realm of enchanted waters.

Destiny Retrieval requires you look deeply at everyplace you abuse your power in order to learn the “master’s tools” to be in service for another.  The skills you will learn are so advanced, that each year I consider taking the class off the calendar – but because these skills are so important the class continues to be held.

You must know how to step out of the momentum tunnel into stillness to work with destiny.  Advanced Divination is required to take the Advanced Soul Retrieval and Density Retrieval class. These two classes are combined for those shamans who love to do client wor; they are like the French bread and the luscious 18 Year Old Balsamic… the perfect combination to the consummate shaman.

Advanced Divination and Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval are only offered once a year.  Prerequisites include; Soul Retrieval or Beyond Soul Retrieval (or North LB), Working with the Sacred and Advanced Divination. If you have already had the class come a second time.  Remember the importance of destiny work in these times of immense change.

Looking forward to sharing the bread and 18 Year Old Balsamic with you…. so you may feed others.



  1. nikko raffin says:

    Nikko called
    and when possible will be present
    all my love
    in gratitude

  2. These two classes are still feeding me one and a half years later – and I still haven’t reread my notes. The classes inform the core of my practice..of my life. Your metaphor of the vinegar is dead on, for every vinegar is born of a mother and every mother of a line. Old starters (mothers) are highly coveted by those with a refined palate. The Four Winds provides a unique medium to grow our senses in, one with a traceable, coveted lineage. I agree with you Linda, advanced divination and advanced soul retrieval are the nectar we thirst for, immersion in the beauty and wonder of our journey. I will come again.

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