Aligning Your Inner & Outer World

As practitioners in the healing arts, our inner world is constantly evolving.  By “inner world”, I mean the relationship that you have with yourself, with nature, and all of Spirit.  That relationship is the foundation that allows for life and your healing practice to spring forth.  Since it’s the foundation, we naturally pay a lot of attention to this area.  It’s a necessary and important component.

However, one of the areas that must also come into harmony is your relationship with your outer world.  By “outer world”, I mean your website, photos, logo, business card, facebook page, and other ways you present yourself to the world: your outer world.

I remember when I was going through the Medicine Wheel training, how after a while, it became painful not to have a presentation that matched the new person I had become. My old website simply didn’t reflect the beautiful shifts that had occurred.  After a while, it was almost agonizing to visit that old site as it just didn’t resonate with me any longer.

So as we grow as people and practitioners, it’s important that our outer world representation also grows.  Having an outward presentation that authentically represents Who You Are on the inside is actually a critical piece to building a thriving client practice.  In the upcoming Fall courses of Creating a Thriving Practice, we will be going through in-depth exercises to help practitioners build this personal brand that’s rooted in their truth.

Think of it this way:  You bring the fullness of your open-channeled energy to each healing session, right?  How can your website and presentation materials also reflect the beauty and integrity of the energy that flows through?

You might be a gifted healer who can make a tremendous difference with others, but if you don’t authentically communicate the best of you in all of the ways that you come across, there’s often going to be a disconnect with potential clients and partners. You won’t be giving yourself the best chance of being successful and reaching others.  It’s no secret that nowadays people are often seeing you before they hear you. It’s more important than ever to have a visual presentation that includes the energy of your very best self.

As a practitioner, you’re always sending out a message and energy about who you are.  It comes through in the way that you talk about what you do, the newsletters and blogs you write, and also in the other ways that you come across: your photos, wardrobe, website, logo, even your bio and business card; they each have an energy to them. In my view, in order to be successful, there are two key questions: Is the energy true? And is it consistent?

The Process for Creating an Authentic Personal Brand

The first step in building an authentic personal brand is that you have to know what you’re going for.  You have to know what your brand direction is. In other words, you have to get clear on what kind of energy you’d like to project. Understand this by looking in two places:  your favorite heroes and your own uniqueness. See, the traits that you admire about your favorite heroes are most likely the traits that you most aspire to have in your own life. It’s about taking elements of those traits and combining them with what makes you special (your own greatest gifts, talents, strengths, and quirks) to form your own brand direction.

Then, once you have the themes that make up your brand direction, it’s necessary to define what it looks like by finding examples of other designs, logos, photos, wardrobe, and websites that you not only like, but that represent your themes in some way. The key to this in-depth process is that when you present yourself in a way that’s in line with your imaging themes, you feel that way. And when you feel that way, you then have a greater tendency to come across that way, making the impression that you’d like to make on people, hence increasing your chances of success with what you’re up to.

Then, it’s important to always portray this one consistent energy if you want to get known as that. It’s about being that way in all of the ways that you come across.


  1. Mary Arendt says:

    HI John!
    I enjoyed reading your article. I am a graduate of the 4 Winds and I am interested in purchasing the book you wrote titled: “The Rock Star in You”. I could not find this book on Amazon. Please advise me as to how I can purchase it. THANK YOU! Mary Arendt

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for positive comment on my article. My book is available on Amazon. However, it was published under my old last name, Battaglia. I changed my name about a year ago. So if you search for “The Rockstar in You” on Amazon, it does come up. Also, please make sure that you’re spelling the word “rockstar” as one word. Thanks! I hope to see you at a Thriving Practice course sometime soon.

      John Germain Leto

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