Announcement: Changes & Growth For The Four Winds

Dear Four Winds Friends, Students and Graduates ~

Earlier in the spring, Alberto Villoldo, The Founder of The Four Winds Society, offered us this advice: “We are just entering the birth canal of 2012. Expect a lot of contractions and remember to breathe!”

This has definitely been a year of change and growth for all, including those of us in The Four Winds’ office. We have embraced the contractions, birth pangs and growth…both in bringing forth new ideas and in remembering who we are. We hold the vision of our Mission Statement… “To transform the world one healer at a time, by training master practitioners in luminous healing and energy medicine.”

Our new CEO, Jeffrey Kuhn, working alongside our Founder Alberto Villoldo, is renewing and revitalizing our vision by focusing on who we want to become in the days, months and years ahead.

We are thrilled to announce a few of the new changes you will be seeing in the near future:

  • An all new 2013 calendar and curriculum for the Light Body School designed by Alberto. See the Four Winds Society 2013 Course Calendar
  • Alberto Villoldo, Founder of the FWS, will be present and teaching at each of the Light Body School classes.
  • Centralized East and West Coast campuses ~ providing a richer student experience.
  • Development of a virtual version of the Medicine Wheel and Light Body School especially tailored for the medical profession.
  • Victoria Johnson is assuming the position of “Chair of Faculty” for the Four Winds Society ~ assisting in faculty development and scheduling for the new campus model; and collaborating with Alberto in the development of the virtual classes, villages and webinars.
  • Expeditions to the Andes and Amazon which launch your transformational journey from the moment you set your intention to travel with us~ reconnecting heart and soul with the Sacred Earth. See 2013’s exciting Expeditions!
  • Alberto is envisioning an annual physical gathering with leading shamans and scientists, perhaps in one of our campus venues.
  • The Four Winds website is undergoing a complete facelift ~ developing into an easy to use “home” for everyone to stay connected for upcoming events/classes, expeditions, online webinars or alumni/student communities.
  • Student and alumni student support
  • Teacher support
  • And so much more!

 Recently, we have reached out to many of you so that we can “hear your voice.” We are taking action. We invite you to join the journey as we transform the lessons of 2012…and step to the next level … feeding, nurturing and manifesting our changes for 2013 and beyond. We welcome your “Comments” below!

 We look forward to our future with each of you~

Alberto Villoldo, Founder

Jeffrey Kuhn, CEO


  1. Carol Alverson says:

    This is fantastic news!!!!!
    Please keep me informed as the changes are implemented.

    In Ayni,

  2. Sue Hnilicka says:

    I love the Four Winds. You are the family I was seeking. I am excited for all the new changes! Keep up the great work.

  3. William Scott says:

    It is good to hear that Alberto will be taking an active part in all the directions. This has been my main issue with the 4-Winds for the entire time I was a student going through the directions. It is extremely important that the founder meet every student and show through example what it is to be a mature shaman.
    Thank You Alberto for making this large committment in time and energy.

    May You Walk Always in the Beauty Way,

    Bill Scott – Tucson, AZ

  4. Carol Solnom says:

    I have been a member of the Four Winds Society for many years and have read and enjoyed many of Dr. Villoldo’s books and videos during that time. I have had sessions over the phone with Linda Fitch and several years ago, I was excited to be able to take advantage of a rare opportunity and had a session with Dr. Villoldo while he was visiting in Cincinnati. I would like to request more frequent visits, workshops and classes to the mid west other than Chicago.

    Thank you,

  5. Sunita Merriman says:

    Dr. Villoldo,
    All of this sounds exciting and so well thought out.
    Good luck with everything.

  6. Wonderful news. Loved some of the new decisions such as Alberto’s participation in all classes, or the new west campus. Web site rocks. Physically gathering shamans and scientists every year? You are creating heaven on earth!

    I want to help build and establish your West campus, go to every expedition, take every class and work with dying until I, myself, die.

    With Munay,

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