Annual Gathering of Graduates and Students

Gathering 2014-12

Alberto3Alberto Villoldo, Founder and Chairman of the Four Winds Society proudly invites students and graduates of the Light Body School to come together in joyous ceremony at the 2015 Great Gathering of Shamans where we will renew our collective power, vision and sense of belonging.

In this intimate retreat we come together to ask new questions about courage, the evolution of consciousness and the unlimited power of healing;  and further define what it means to live the Medicine Way, inspiring healers to become the dream-shifting shamans the world needs today.

Fire ceremonies, despachos, movement, music, intimate dialogues and open sessions. Plus enriching presentations by Lead Teachers Lynn Berryhill and Marcela Lobos, as well from very special guests joining us this year:


MarcelaMarcela Lobos

Marcela is a medicine woman initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Amazon and the Andes. She was born and raised in Chile where she leads expeditions, working with women shamans that belong to a matriarchal society that still holds the wisdom and passion of Mother Earth. Marcela is passionate about taking women through “rites of passage” that allow them to find their power, grace, and wisdom. Also she is co-founder with Alberto Villoldo of “Los Cuatro Caminos” in South America, to share the same wisdom in Spanish.



Gregg Braden

Keynote Presentation
New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality, and the real world. For more than 27 years, Gregg has explored high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to merge their timeless secrets. His discoveries are now shared through such paradigm-inspiring books as: The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, and his newest, Deep Truth.


Compton Rom  Bada

Compton Rom Bada CHICOA Medical microbiologist, he pursues a holographic approach to health that leverages the body’s dependence of living microbial cells to maintain health and restore wellness. Today, Compton Rom Bada is a pioneer of the Living Systems approach to sustainable self-healing and functional food production. His distinctive products at Ascended Health utilize whole earth natural remedies for the regeneration of the body, mind and spirit, from the viewpoint of our micro biome.


Kelley Alexander-CHICOKelley Alexander

Lawyer, psychologist and shaman, Alexander is the Co-Director of The Sanctuary at Sedona, an addiction recovery and trauma healing center. She delves into how we become addicted to external stimulus and to our own limiting and disempowering beliefs; and how the paradigms of dreams, archetypes, and mythologies can heal the psyche.


This gathering of the tribe is open to students and graduates of
the Light Body School and their significant others only.

October 30- November 01, 2015 at Joshua Tree, California.


  • Students and Graduates $250.00 thru October 15, 2015 / $325 thereafter.
  • Family and Friends: $400.00
  • Price does not include meals and accommodations – Please call Joshua Tree at (760) 365-8371 to arrange your accommodations.
  • Register Online


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