Ausangate: The Holy Mountain Expedition

Ausangate Ausangate: The Holy Mountain Expedition

Dates: July 18-29, 2014 – Sold Out!
Host: Marcela Lobos and Dr Alberto Villoldo

For FWS Students or Graduates Only
You must complete or have completed at least one FWS course to be qualified to attend this expedition.

In the early 1500′s, a select company of Inkas fled the iron fist of
the conquest and took refuge in snow-covered passes 17,000 feet high
in the Andes. They built simple villages of stone amid the clouds and lived for
five centuries invisible to the church and state. From the heights they
observed the looting of their former homes and the insatiable greed
of the conquistador.
For five hundred years the Q’ero, the last of the Inka have been the keepers
of the ancient rites. They believe that were it not for their stewardship of the
Earth through prayer and ceremony, certain gateways to our collective destiny
would have been lost forever.

Our journey will take us to the City of Light of the Incas, Machu Picchu. In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we visit the timeless Temple of the Falcon at Pisaq, The Temple of the Winds at Ollantaytambo, and Amaru Wanka at Urco. In Cuzco, we visit the ruins of Tambo Machay, Saqsayhuaman, and Amaru Machay, the cave of the Serpents and Jaguars. We will travel to Ocongate, and camp at Pachanta Pampa, near natural hot springs that are considered medicinal by local villagers.
This will be a very challenging journey. We will be riding horseback and camping for four days during our trip. We will camp by natural hot springs at the foot of the holy mountain. The Q’ero elders meet us at the hot springs, and ride (horseback) with us the following day to our base camp at Azul Cocha (the blue lagoon) at 14,000 feet. We are accompanied by our full kitchen crew, who prepare delicious meals for us.

From base camp at Azulcocha we hike to Otorongo Cocha (the jaguar lagoon) as well as to Alca Cocha, the rainbow lagoon where will join the Q’ero for the Rites of Pachacuti. Our pilgrimage takes us through spectacular vistas of snow-covered Apus, to sacred sites where we bring our offerings and receive gifts of power from the mountain.

Trip Highlights:

  • As part of our training programs we have the opportunity to be with this group of medicine men and women who are the keepers of the prophecies and of the ancient knowledge. We are embarking on a two week journey to Machu Picchu and to the Holy mountain, at altitudes ranging from 11,000 to 16,500 feet, in a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel breathless, tired beyond description, and ecstatically at one with the finest medicine people in the world.
  • We will take part in the reading of the coca leaves ceremony, and the transmission of the rites of passage, the high Karpays. In the evenings we sit by the fire (or inside our large group tent), and listen to the Q’ero flutes and enjoy their dances. 
  • On the mountain, our guide, medic, shamans, and cook have all worked together for many years and their support and love will be reflected in every step. The hiking is stunning and the ceremony life changing

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Ausangate Chaman Ausangate: The Holy Mountain ExpeditionPrice
Base expedition price – $5,200 per person, single occupancy. – $4,450 per person double occupancy.
Individual travelers requesting double occupancy will be paired with a same-gender roommate. Airfare not included.

For More Information or to Register:

  1. Please contact Maria Clara Castaneda at
  2. Toll-free North America: 1- (888)-437-4077 or Dial Direct: 1- (435) -647-5988