An Introduction to Energy Medicine: The Medicine Wheel

Looking for an Introduction to Energy Medicine?   Along with a large source of curriculum in and around the world of energy medicine, the Four Winds Society offers two foundational paths – The Light Body School’s Primary Courses and The Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel acts as more of an introductory series of courses to […]

The Shamans of Peru Are Here to Work With You Personally

For three inspiring and enlightening evenings, you have the rare opportunity to personally experience shamanic healing with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., and the Q’ero Shaman of Peru at The Great Shamanic Initiation. On Oct. 16-19 at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts, the Q’ero Shamans will be joining Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., Marcela […]

Add Your Own Life Spark to the Collective Consciousness

Imagine spending one day completely away from all the cares, worries, priorities and deadlines in your world and lending your energy, instead, to the healing and shared soul of the human race. Now, THAT might be a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life! That day is waiting for you on October 6th […]

Your Loved Ones Deserve Death With Dignity. Here’s How You Can Help …

From Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. Death of anything is not a topic most people want to acknowledge, much less discuss. Yet it is the one thing we absolutely all have in common. But ancient cultures and traditions have long believed that conscious death is possible, that we can come to the end of a life with […]

A Soul Journey: Working With the Sacred Course

Soul Journey   There’s a big difference between a “day trip” and a “journey.” As you’ve begun to seek greater wisdom and understanding, you’ve undoubtedly experienced moments when your soul is alive with passion, fire and purpose. Consider then, the opportunity to not just experience mere moments or even a “day trip” for your soul. […]

Replace Powerlessness With Confidence: Walking With Protection Course

Put Powerlessness In Its Place In today’s changing times, it’s more important than ever to step away from feelings of powerlessness and limiting beliefs. While the masses of humanity might be caught up in fear, resentment or indecision, you have the ability to step confidently into your destiny. At the Four Winds Society, we help […]

Awaken Your Intuition: Reading the Signs of Destiny Course

Awaken Your Intuition!   Your life is moving along as planned and then something just “happens.” Looking back, you “knew” it was going to happen. You just knew. You had that feeling in the pit of your stomach … a feeling that said “Hey you! Do I have your attention yet?” Was your intuition talking […]

Retreat for Women Re-Engages Your Power and Majesty

Too often, women get so busy with the many demands of their lives that they can feel swallowed up in it all. They sometimes feel “unplugged” from themselves and their powerful potential, and might feel unbalanced or searching for more. The Four Winds Society has developed a retreat for women that changes all of this. […]

Vanquish Obstacles and Change Your Life

Change Your Life Significantly and Immediately With Our Course, Illumination At the Four Winds Institute, we talk to a lot of people who feel that their lives are pretty well balanced … except for ONE pesky aspect or area that, if vanquished, would significantly change their lives. They might not be enjoying their closest relationships. They […]

Aligning Your Inner & Outer World

As practitioners in the healing arts, our inner world is constantly evolving.  By “inner world”, I mean the relationship that you have with yourself, with nature, and all of Spirit.  That relationship is the foundation that allows for life and your healing practice to spring forth.  Since it’s the foundation, we naturally pay a lot […]