Healing Stones – Chumpi Stones of the Peruvian Shamans

Healing Stones The chumpi stones or kuyas are known as Healing Stones and have been used for centuries by the Q’ero shamans and healers of the high Andes in healing practices, to initiate and pass on lineage rites as well as to connect to the sacred mountains known as Apus. These Healing Stones are connected […]

Learn to Be a Shaman With True Vision – Destiny Retrieval

If you work with clients, your kids, significant others or friends, the Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval class is one you will absolutely want to take. Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval is the place where you will learn to work with the “Master’s Tools,” becoming the artist who can see way upstream for your clients […]

The Future of Health NOW 2012

Some of the world’s top wellness, scientific, and medical experts are participating in a free online event sponsored by Whole Foods Market called The Future of Health NOW 2012.  A special pre-screening of the event will be held in early July.  Did you know that most brain issues are completely reversible with simple dietary changes?  Did […]

Connect with the Archetype of the North

What an auspicious year we are all living in! So many opportunities await us each morning as we open our eyes and step out of bed. At the Four Winds we have been thinking about all of our brothers and sisters who began their medicine journey with us years ago and have gone on to […]

Energy Medicine makes a difference between curing and healing

Energy Medicine makes a difference between curing and healing. Curing is fixing that which has gone wrong, like patching a tire if you have a flat, or treating snake bite, or using chemotherapy on a tumor. Healing is life changing. It is much broader, more global, and complete. Healing results from an indelible experience of […]

Decoupling Fight or Flight

In shamanic energy medicine, we use a process called “decoupling” to deactivate the “fight or flight response”.  The shamans refer to this process as “bringing the jaguar down from the tree:”  Following are the steps in the shamanic decoupling process. 1. Place right hand under heart/ left hand holding deepening points (occipital ridge) on back of […]

18 Year Old Balsamic Vinegar – Advanced Divination and Advanced Soul & Destiny Retrieval

Stepping into the room the smell of French bread fills my nose. It is almost overwhelming.  My mouth automatically begins to water in response.  The loaf was fresh, right out of the oven.  It was perfect – golden brown on top, warm, glistening with a fine coat of butter melted across the top. Definitely the […]

Reclaim your spiritual intuition in the North

In the North class, the journey around the Medicine Wheel deepens into a more spiritual one. In the South and the West, we found ourselves in the trenches, we addressed who we had been, what personal stories we had identified with, what the gifts were and the ways in which our ancestral stories had held and defined us. With the momentum […]

The Shaman Mediates Between the Visible and Invisible

The shaman is a one who mediates between the visible world of form and matter and the invisible world of energy and spirits. For the shaman there is no supernatural world. Only the natural world exists, with its visible and invisible dimensions. In the last century, science has dismissed the mysterious world of the ancients. […]

The Shaman’s Path to a Balanced Life – FREE TeleConference w/ Alberto May 31, 2012 – includes recording

DETOXIFICATION HANDOUT UPDATE! To download the detoxification handout, click here _____________________________________________________________________________ Join Dr. Alberto Villoldo, best-selling author of Power Up Your Brian and Shaman, Healer, Sage on Thursday, May 31st for a FREE one-hour teleconference – The Shaman’s Path to a Balanced Life! Wellness and balance are all things the body naturally strives for. When […]