Awaken Your Intuition: Reading the Signs of Destiny Course

Awaken Your Intuition!


Your life is moving along as planned and then something just “happens.” Looking back, you “knew” it was going to happen. You just knew. You had that feeling in the pit of your stomach … a feeling that said “Hey you! Do I have your attention yet?” Was your intuition talking to you?

  • Do you believe in signs?
  • Do you believe in intuition?
  • Do you believe in destiny?
  •  Or … is it all just smoke and mirrors?

With the Four Winds’ course, Reading the Signs of Destiny, you’ll learn how to tap into your intuition and quickly develop the ability to read  signs to help you create the life of your dreams.


In Reading the Signs of Destiny, you will …

  • Discover how to use the signs provided to us by nature, randomness, and chance events to awaken the Shaman’s way of seeing
  • Be provided with ancient tools to sense energy vortexes and chakras,
  • Develop the skills and tools for tracking and divination,
  • Finely-tune your intuition and begin to seize the glorious opportunities that await because you now see the signs,
  • Awaken a part of your soul that will help you “see” through challenging times,
  • Begin to perceive the world of energy and spirit, heeding the cautions and seizing the opportunities that Sprit offers you.

Fing open the doors of your own perception and gifted intuition to discover the luminous world of energy and spirit that surrounds you and is in constant communication with you.


 With Reading the Signs of Destiny, you will learn how to use signs provided by nature, randomness and “chance” events to create the life you’ve been searching for.

 Awaken your dormant seer within. Learn more and register for an upcoming class today!

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