Expanding Your Life in a World of Contraction

How do we, as single individuals, reverse any negative energetic trend going on in this world of ours? How can we make a difference?

How To Create An Altar

Have you ever found yourself wanting to create an altar but didn’t know where to begin?  Or even what the real purpose is for an altar? Many of you have experienced the “altars” created during a class at The Four Winds as the week’s intentions were set for our growth, transformation and healing.  A beautiful […]

End of the World December 21, 2012? Alberto Villoldo’s 4-Part Online Series

The date, December 21, 2012, has often been referred to as “the end of the world,” but that is NOT the message of the ancient Mayans, says Alberto Villoldo, Founder of the Four Winds Institute. “December 21, 2012 is NOT the end date of civilization or humanity. It’s the end date of a cycle of time, […]

West: How To Face The Fear

It was the one thing he didn’t want anyone to see. He didn’t know how to face the fear. He didn’t want anyone to know it was part of him. He had hidden it, forgotten about it, avoided seeing it except at the worst moments, late at night or sometimes in his dreams. He had […]

Announcing! 2013 Four Winds Courses & Expeditions

As Alberto Villoldo, the Founder of The Four Winds, reminds us, December 21, 2012 represents a unique opportunity for renaissance, renewal and reinvention. In our previous letter to the current students of the Four Winds Society as well as alumni, we are embracing many changes as we grow into 2013. One of these changes is […]