West: How To Face The Fear

It was the one thing he didn’t want anyone to see. He didn’t know how to face the fear. He didn’t want anyone to know it was part of him. He had hidden it, forgotten about it, avoided seeing it except at the worst moments, late at night or sometimes in his dreams. He had […]

Announcing! 2013 Four Winds Courses & Expeditions

As Alberto Villoldo, the Founder of The Four Winds, reminds us, December 21, 2012 represents a unique opportunity for renaissance, renewal and reinvention. In our previous letter to the current students of the Four Winds Society as well as alumni, we are embracing many changes as we grow into 2013. One of these changes is […]

Announcement: Changes & Growth For The Four Winds

Dear Four Winds Friends, Students and Graduates ~ Earlier in the spring, Alberto Villoldo, The Founder of The Four Winds Society, offered us this advice: “We are just entering the birth canal of 2012. Expect a lot of contractions and remember to breathe!” This has definitely been a year of change and growth for all, […]

Shift Your Vision for 2012 and Beyond with a Sand Painting

Sand Painting for a New Vision The creativity and expression brought forth as we develop a sand painting has no limits. We are free to break through barriers holding us back from our “becoming.” The practice of building a sand painting aids the energy transformation in a symbolic and mythic manner. As our sand painting shifts, so does […]

Shifting Out of Being “Stuck” Through Decoupling

How many times have you found yourself “stuck” and unable to make a decision or move forward in your life? When we find ourselves in “fight or flight” response it is usually the result of being traumatized, stressed or overwhelmed to one degree or another. There are some people who have been in this state […]