Shift Your Vision for 2012 and Beyond with a Sand Painting

Sand Painting for a New Vision The creativity and expression brought forth as we develop a sand painting has no limits. We are free to break through barriers holding us back from our “becoming.” The practice of building a sand painting aids the energy transformation in a symbolic and mythic manner. As our sand painting shifts, so does […]

Shifting Out of Being “Stuck” Through Decoupling

How many times have you found yourself “stuck” and unable to make a decision or move forward in your life? When we find ourselves in “fight or flight” response it is usually the result of being traumatized, stressed or overwhelmed to one degree or another. There are some people who have been in this state […]

Emotional Healing and Shedding Your Past: The Medicine Wheel “South” Course

The setting was different; it was a different person across from me, a different day of the week, a little different story but the words and most importantly everything that was behind her was almost the same. She had tears in her eyes and her face shifted between resignation and hope, in need of emotional healing.  […]

Letting Go of What’s Not Working for You

From Alberto Villoldo’s book, The Four Insights, here is a simple exercise that gets you involved in “letting go of what you know,” or in his terms, “practicing beginner’s mind.” When we practice beginner’s mind, we learn to let go of our preconceived notions. As Jesus said, “To enter the kingdom of heaven, you must […]

An Introduction to Energy Medicine: The Medicine Wheel

Looking for an Introduction to Energy Medicine?   Along with a large source of curriculum in and around the world of energy medicine, the Four Winds Society offers two foundational paths – The Light Body School’s Primary Courses and The Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel acts as more of an introductory series of courses to […]