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Mastery of Time - The Four Winds Course

Have you ever wanted to create more time for yourself? Or perhaps you have been in a situation where you wanted time to just slow down, or stop for a bit.

Throughout history the Great Archetype of Time has been the ruler of all life. For thousands of years shamans have known how to master time; and it is through navigating in the realms of the Gods in sacred time, they are able to do this.

We have the ability to engage time in this way, but we must learn first where we are bound by the archetype of Time. By shifting our engagement with time we take up residency in the place of the sacred and allow synchronicity to become our operating principle while we begin to access the same place shamans do. At the Four Winds, we offer a course on this very principle: Mastery of Time, and it is one of our most popular courses in our curriculum. 

You might wonder, “How do I find where linear time has a grip on me?” The answer will be found in your old stories, in your ancestral history, in your DNA and yes, in your ego.

Our old life stories, ancestral patterns, illness, and even death, all reside down your river of life. You want to make your choices at the source of the river of life, way upstream. At the source you can put your finger in the river and can change everything downstream, or in your future.

This is your goal, and the shaman’s path… to work at the river’s source, from the place of the energetic, in circular time, outside of linear time as we have always known it.

Today is the shaman’s time, a time of action, not waiting; a time of setting your intention and working toward intention in ceremony. The urgency of time is reflected in the Mayan prophecies which say that at this point in human history, we are experiencing a full lifetime in less than a year. This means you must bring your life into right relationship now!

We invite each of you to have an experience of working in the shaman’s realm of timelessness through the creation of a ceremony. Below, we have given you step by step directions that will allow you to create a ceremony designed to assist you with manifesting your intentions. Through the creation of a time line and a sacred circle you will get to experience the razor’s edge of time where all change can happen, and dreams manifest. 

Step 1: Identify what you want to manifest. Set your intention at the level of the soul. Choose what you want to create or dream into being. You can start by writing down the words that define your dream, but then notice what feelings those words create in your body, such as a feeling of love or heat in your chest or belly.

Step 2: Identify what is stopping you from creating what you want. As you begin to identify what is holding you back, notice any feelings or sensations you experience in your body and where they are located. As you make your list of feelings that are serving as obstacles, find objects (ideally, ones you can burn) to represent each of them.

Step 3: Place a timeline on the floor. Create a timeline extending forward in front of you, into the future, and outward behind you, stretching into the past. As you hold each object, blow into it the feeling of what is stopping you. Then, lay the object on the floor, along your timeline. Notice how some of the feelings/objects are associated with a point in the past while others are associated with the future. Trust your Soul to place the objects in the appropriate place.

Step 4: Bring your prayers to the places where you are stuck, and honor them. Find the gift and lesson in each “obstacle.” Feel gratitude for that place, situation, or person. This step may take a while, and you may even need to leave the timeline laid out so you can honor it for a period of time, or create an altar for specific blocks that have arisen in your awareness. When you feel complete, having only gratitude for what you once considered problems and obstacles, you can move to the next step.

Step 5: Create and work with a sacred circle. Take each item you gathered in the second step above, and any others you would like to add or include, and place them into a sacred circle big enough for you to stand in. Identify again what you want to manifest, such as peace, abundance, joy, relationships, or something specific, such as a new job, the opportunity to go to school or to write a book (notice that your intention may have shifted after having gone through steps 2 through 4). Find an object to represent or hold your intention and blow the feeling into that object or paper. Holding the object, step into the center of this circle.

Allow yourself to feel the difference of sacred time, a place beyond everyday words. Feel how the gifts and lessons you honored are helping you to make manifest that which you have set your intention to create. You may also want to take your intention one step further and create an altar, fire ceremony, or despacho.

Take the opportunity now to move out of sourcing from linear time only and into sourcing from sacred time. Step out of the rush of life and instantly create and set intention.  Bring your power to your prayers and your intention to dream powerfully.


Each year, we offer this exciting and powerful course, Mastery of Time in our Four Winds curriculum to out existing students. Learn more here. 

The prerequisites for this course are South, North, West and East. If you haven’t yet participated in our Four Winds courses, you’re going to truly enjoy the phenomenal transformation and freedom that awaits you in our South course! Read details on South 

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