Calendar 2015

January 5-12
Grow a New Body Retreat- Intensive Chile
January 19-26
Grow a New Body Retreat Chile
February 23-March 6
Fast-Track Light Body South & West Chile
March 9-20
Fast-Track Light Body North & East Chile
August 31 – September 11
Fast-Track Reading the Signs of Destiny, Walking with Protection, and Working with the Sacred Chile
united states
February 22-27
Light Body South Connecticut
March 22-27
Reading the Signs of Destiny California
March 22-27
Light Body North California
March 27- Apr 1
Walking with Protection California
March 27- Apr 1 Light Body South California
March 27- Apr 1 Munay Ki California
May 3-8
Light Body West New York
May 3-8
Working with the Sacred New York
May 10-15
Light Body East New York
May 10-15
Walking with Protection New York
May 17-22
Light Body South Florida
June 14-19
Light Body South California
June 19-24
Advanced Soul Retrieval California
September 20-25
Light Body West Florida
October 4-9
Light Body South New York
October 4-9
Light Body North New York
October 11-16
Mastery of Time New York
October 11-16
Reading the Signs of Destiny New York
October 23-25
Dying Consciously Teacher Training California
October 25-30
Light Body East California
October 25-30 Working with the Sacred California
October 30-Nov 1
The Great Gathering California
November 1-6
Light Body West California
November 1-6
Advanced Divination California
November 1-6 Mesa and Ceremony California
April 13-18
Light Body South Germany
April 13-18
Light Body North Germany
April 19-24 Reading the Signs of Destiny Germany
June 13-15
Dying Consciously Teacher Training Germany
June 16-21
Light Body West Germany
June 16-21
Light Body East Germany
June 22-27
Walking with Protection Germany
June 27 – July 2
Mastery of Time Germany
September 9-14
Light Body North Germany
September 15-20
Working with the Sacred Germany
June 3-9 Amazon One Spirit Peru
June 11-23 Via Illuminata Peru
June 11-24 Choquequirao Peru
April 25
Wisdom of the Shamans Colorado
May 8-10
One Spirit Medicine New York
May 15 One Spirit Medicine New York
May 16
The Heart of the Shaman New York
September 20
Wisdom of the Shamans Florida
October 16-18
Great Shamanic Initiation New York
October 23-25
One Spirit Medicine California
November 6-7
One Spirit Medicine Vancouver
November 13-15 One Spirit Medicine Massachusetts

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