Learn to Be a Shaman With True Vision – Destiny Retrieval

If you work with clients, your kids, significant others or friends, the Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval class is one you will absolutely want to take.

Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval is the place where you will learn to work with the “Master’s Tools,” becoming the artist who can see way upstream for your clients with the utmost integrity.

During the week you will journey to the Upper World over and over again, learning how you can be the shaman that has a vision much greater than you ever understood. You will learn how to use the Creator Rites (Taitanchi Rites) in your practice to help your clients create new destinies and you will learn how to see and align multiple destinies.
In this advanced Master Class you will refine your soul retrieval skills and learn new processes that include assisting your clients to find their destiny gifts.

The skills learned in this class I use with almost every client I see. These are critical skills for every qualified shamanic practitioner.

Come learn to use the Master’s Tools, reconnect with your Four Winds’ community and step deeper into your medicine than you ever have.



  1. Hola!

    Desearía conocer si van a impartir cursos en España, concretamente en Barcelona.
    También si hay vídeos y entrevistas del Sr. Villoldo en castellano.


  2. Dear Linda,

    I am so sure this will be yet another amazing and life changing (or I should say Destiny changing ) journey for all the participants-
    I wish to participate although I am taking my son to Europe to send off to a volunteer benevolent organization building schools and orphanages in my ancestral land of Armenia-
    My very best wishes to you all- I will be there in spirit.
    Munay , Seda

  3. croydon kemp says:

    Dear Linda:

    When I discovered that I was eternal and choose this lifes path as an experience.

    I also learned that (I) can choose to change that experience at any time.

    It is in the LEARNING that each of us is eternal and a part of source that is the challange now and in the near future.


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