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2016 Jul 26 -What is the Munay-Ki?

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of new humans appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation. Based on...

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2016 Jul 19 -Finding peace, power and protection

Today’s news headlines can be overwhelming. We learn about militants intent on doing harm, seemingly unstoppable gun violence, rampant climate change, and our privacy being compromised. It’s easy to point fingers or throw up our hands and wonder why our society is plagued by violence...

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2016 Apr 26 – WHAT IS A DESPACHO?

A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering. For hundreds of years, the Laika (high shamans or wisdomkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru) have used the despacho ceremony for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal...

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2016 Apr 12 What is a Shaman’s Mesa?

The word mesa means table in Spanish but it also means high plateau, the place where the shaman goes to meet the spirits. A shaman’s mesa is a portable altar (where he goes to meet the spirits) or medicine bundle used for healing, ceremony, prayer and...

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Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and old belief structures by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them. Fire ceremony, one of the core...

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