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South Course - The Four Winds

At the Four Winds Institute, we talk to a lot of people who feel that their lives are pretty well balanced … except for ONE pesky aspect or area that, if vanquished, would significantly change their lives.

  • They might not be enjoying their closest relationships.
  • They might have trouble bringing in or keeping clients in their practice.
  • They might not be bringing in enough money to live comfortably.
  • They might be suffering physical health issues that keep getting in the way of their forward movement.
  • They may feel they’re trapped in the wrong job or not fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Whatever the issue, this negative energy just hangs on or keeps resurfacing, creating feelings of powerlessness and discouragement.

Did you know you can change your life today by implementing what ancient shamans have been teaching for centuries?

If you struggle with something that keeps holding you back, you can rest assured that you’re not alone! In fact, this is such a prevalent issue that The Four Winds Institute developed a class specifically designed to help you get past this negative energy, once and for all.

We call it Illumination (or “South“), and it’s the first in a series of courses we teach to help you personally direct your life to the paths YOU choose for yourself. This does NOT mean that you’re overhauling your life and changing everything – you simply learn, through application and the teachings of ancient shamans, how to change your life in the area or areas you specifically choose.

Read more and register online for our next upcoming classes for Illumination here (and when you register before Aug. 31st, you receive an automatic $200 discount!)

Aug 11 – 16  Chieming-Hart, Bayern, Germany

Aug 19-24  Rhinebeck, NY

Sept 6 – 9  Park City, UT

Sept 15 – 20 Chieming-Hart, Bayern, Germany

Or call us personally at 435-647-5988 or 888-437-4077. We’ll be happy to talk with you about Illumination (“South”), our world-renowned class that thousands of people (just like you) have discovered how to create immediate, impactful results in their lives.


That’s right! The processes we teach in Illumination (“South”) begin to work in your life immediately.  Here’s why:

You have an enormous energetic presence within you and surrounding you. For centuries, shamans around the world have referred to this energy as your L.E.F, your Luminous Energy Field. With our “South” class, you’ll learn how to create change in your own L.E.F, essentially transforming your own energetic field in the direction YOU desire.

  • Imagine exchanging old, lumpy debris in your energy field for the power, strength and massive forward movement you’ve been struggling to claim.
  • Imagine coming away from our 6-day Illumination course recharged, re-dedicated and re-stoked toward making your life (and even your business or practice) everything it’s supposed to be.
  • Imagine immediately implementing the most revered steps and techniques that the most advanced Shamans and energy practitioners have used through the ages.
  • Imagine moving into a peaceful and balanced space that allows you to create significant impact in the lives of others and the way this world works altogether.

It’s here for you at the Four Winds Illumination (“South”) course. To receive a $200 discount on any of the Illumination courses, just click any of the city links above to register, or call us today at 888-437-4077.

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