Are you interested in Energy Medicine or Shamanic training? Our Light Body classes and training programs help create optimal health and wellness on every level and empower you to help others do the same. The Four Winds Society offers The Light Body program, which certifies you to practice energy medicine, and The Medicine Wheel program if you are interested in a path of personal growth.

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you called to help others? Join us and step into your calling.

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  • Graduates Annual Conference in Store


    In an intimate retreat ask new questions about courage, the evolution of consciousness, the unlimited power of healing, the nature of the Cosmos, while defining for yourself what i...


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    Exploring the luminous energy field through stillness and creative expression   January 19th -26th, 2014 at Los Lobos Lodge & Spa   Journey through each one of yo...

  • Medicine Wheel South


    The Way of the Serpent is the first step into the shaman’s way of healing. In the same way that a snake sheds its skin, you will learn how to shed the stories that bind you to a ...

  • Medicine Wheel West


    Just as the jaguar has no predators in the jungle, learn to have no enemies in this world or beyond. Leave behind the traditional archetype of the violent warrior and step into the...

  • Medicine Wheel North


    Strap on your hummingbird wings and get ready for the uncharted journey deep into the soul. Just as a hummingbird makes the seemingly impossible migration from Canada all the way t...

  • Medicine Wheel East


    Take a giant leap of faith. Come and be kicked out of the nest by Great Eagle so that you can spread your wings, soaring high above the world. Forget the minute details of your l...

  • Advanced Divination and Seeing


    Deepen your divination skills and align yourself even further with the signs presented by nature, randomness and chance events.   Master the art of tracking, shamanic seeing, and ...

  • Reading the Signs of Destiny


    Learn to recognize and align yourself with the signs provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. As you study the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of energy, yo...

  • West Extraction


    In The Way of the Jaguar, you will have an opportunity to explore inherited ancestral and karmic patterns that propel you toward a certain destiny. You will participate in exercise...

  • East (Life & Death Rites)


    In The Way of the Eagle, learn that everything that appears to be outside of you in your life is really inside of you.  Learn how to own your projections so that you can come into...

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