Connect with the Archetype of the North

North-class---The-Four-Winds---hummingbirdWhat an auspicious year we are all living in! So many opportunities await us each morning as we open our eyes and step out of bed.

At the Four Winds we have been thinking about all of our brothers and sisters who began their medicine journey with us years ago and have gone on to new adventures that took them down different pathways. We would love to reconnect with each of you and hear how and what you are doing in your lives.

Many of you have been contacting the office lately and have expressed interest in stepping back on your journey with us in the direction of the North.

When you take the North direction you are stepping into your soul’s journey. You will learn the skills to hold your life at the sacred; stepping out of ego and claiming your medicine seat with a lineage that has always been there for you.  As you step into the North direction you step out of your personal stories and you find the place where you are of greatest service to the world.

The North direction is where the journey becomes magical. This is where you learn to source from who you are becoming 10,000 years in the future. We are shamans of the North. To make this shift you must close the doors on the south and west and step into the hummingbird’s gifts of stillness, drinking from knowledge and the nectar of life, and soul’s flight.

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