The Four Winds Society is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #14518 for 36 contact hours for EACH of the following Light Body School courses.

Please check with your local state board to see if they will recognize California’s designation (they often do), or offer non-approved providers for your CE requirements.

South (Illumination)

[Prerequisites:  None]
The shaman sheds the past and its worn-out stories the way a serpent sheds her skin, transforming her deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. The Illumination process teaches you how to clear the imprints of karma and physical and emotional disease from your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and bring about healing at the blueprint level of your being. Learn shamanic healing and energy medicine.

West (Extraction)

[Prerequisites:  South]
The shaman breaks free from the grip of fear and is able to journey beyond physical death. The Extraction process releases noxious energies (or entities,) and emotions from the LEF. As you shed the emotional baggage you inherited from your family of origin, you break free from generational curses passed down your family line.

North (Soul Retrieval)

[Prerequisites: South, West]
The shaman journeys to Infinity, outside of ordinary time and space, where there are no limiting roles and beliefs. You learn the wisdom teachings of Invisibility, Mastery of Time, and the Secret. The Soul Retrieval process helps you discover and heal original wounds that have derailed your destiny. You discover how to re-write stale soul contracts, begin to live a life of grace and abundance, heal the past, and influence the future.

East (Life and Death Rites)

[Prerequisites: South, West, North]
The shaman learns to “dream the world into being” by mastering energy and intention to create reality. Learn how to assist a loved one in their final journey, discover maps to the afterlife described by the great spiritual traditions and learn to navigate gracefully through life’s transitions.


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