Master Time: A Ceremony

The shaman’s goal is to break free from the grip of time. When we become masters of time we are free to create the destiny we choose.

Linear time keeps us bound in cause and effect only.  We must also learn to reside in sacred time, or circular time, where synchronicity becomes the operating principle.  We invite you to take the Mastery of Time ceremony exercise even deeper into destiny creation.

1. Determine what continues to get in your way and stops you from creating the destiny you want.  Make a list, as long and in depth, as you would like.  The list may include karmic issues, generational pieces, old story or cultural shadow.

2.  Create a ceremony for each item you identified and listed.  The ceremony may include a fire, altar, or even coffin and grave for what needs to be released.  The key is to honor the lessons and gifts you received.  Some items might need “time” to be honored and the gifts acknowledged.

The paradox is that sometimes it feels like the above two steps are never completed.  Please know, you can continue to honor what stops you AND step into creating your destiny, now.  As Alberto says, what about tonight?

3. Design a sacred circle of your life. This sacred circle may be a sand painting on the coffee table, a bowl on the buffet, a retired fish bowl, birdbath outside, or even a hole in the ground.

4. Take your time and dream.  Dream in the shower, in bed between wake and sleep, as you commute, run, walk, or do yoga.  Dream of possibilities for your life.

Find an item to hold each dream.  Anything is fine from burnable objects to a piece of paper with a written note of each dream.  Blow each dream of possibility or gratitude into an object and place in your sacred circle adding sage or incense.

5. Take each object, as you feel ready, to a fire ceremony to release what holds or binds you.  Each of these dreams, as wonderful as they are, bind you in time.  As you honor and then burn them you turn them over to spirit to assist you in manifesting what you may not have dreamed possible for your life

When we release these possibilities, we begin to source from sacred time.  We can then experience and create a destiny crafted with spirit.  A destiny of laughter, joy, peace, beauty, and abundance.


Readers, learn more about our popular Mastery of Time course. This course requires that some prerequisites be accomplished first. Feel free to call us at (435) 647-5988 to discuss this further. 

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