Creating Your Destiny



When I first heard the word ‘destiny’ it brought shivers up my spine, feelings of intrigue and unfathomable curiosity.  Even after years of teaching the Destiny classes at The Four Winds, the shivers are still there and the curiosity has deepened to amazement and gratitude.

To live in a place where you are free to create what you want for your life again and again and to assist your clients and loved ones in doing the same is one of the great gifts of the shaman’s path.  To understand destiny requires us to recognize the place of the body and heal the place of the mind and emotions and to take up residence in the place of the soul.

We teach in the Light Body School that there are two books in which our life is written. 

One is gold and the other is silver.

There is one that has already been written and holds old stories from our life.

The other, legend states, is blank, waiting for us to write in it.  There is nothing more terrifying than a blank page staring back at you. The blank page says that you have to be in integrity with your life. You decide where you want to take up residence – at the easy place where life has been written or to take an epic Soul’s journey. The beauty of residing at the soul level is that the blank book is always new and available for us to write even though we have written chapters or pages only the week, month or year before; it is always clean and new for us to write a new destiny.

In these times it is easy to collude with what we are bombarded with on the television and in the media.  Our goal as shamans is to be aware of the world but not to take up residence in the world of scarcity.  We must create destiny from a place not bound by scarcity but full of abundance and beauty.

It may be difficult at first to source from the soul level, but the freedom to create what you want is worth any difficulty.  Generally it has become a habit to put on the news and notice how “bad’ or “terrible” things are in the economy, business, health care, jobs, weather, or recession.  It takes much more courage to turn off your television and stop the newspaper.  We fear we will “miss” something.  I assure you that if something major happens in the world someone will tell you.


Create a new habit of noticing beauty and joy. 

Notice the spring flowers, hear the birds, watch sunsets and sunrises, hear and express laughter, and feel the warmth of the sun.

You may need to honor the concurrent story of fear in the world and/or in your life through ceremony, as you source from a new place.  Allow any story to wash through you when it comes up, which may be often as you create new habits of joy and delight.  Keep your honoring in ceremony though fires, altars, and prayers.

You can assist the creation of your new habits of joy and delight by remembering to smile, laugh, and tell those you love how much you value and appreciate them.  From this soul place you will begin to call in your destiny and write a new book again and again.  Turn over what you write to spirit through ceremony so that you are open to endless possibilities you may never have considered.  Realize you can step out of the world’s projection and create your destiny.

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