Dare to Dream Teleconference – February 4, 2014

Encabezado2 Dare to Dream Teleconference – February 4, 2014



Dare to Dream the Life You Have Imagined… Fearless and Free!

A Private Teleconference about Energy Medicine with Alberto Villoldo You are invited to join Alberto Villoldo for an intimate, invitation-only teleconference, where you’ll learn more about the deeply transformative work of the South, the first course in the world renowned Light Body School energy medicine training, where ancient shamanic practices meet modern science. Alberto will share how you, too, can release your past and create the life you desire, freeing you to fearlessly step in to the life you have longed for.

Alberto will be joined on the call by two senior members of the Four Winds teaching staff, who will share more specifics of the processes and practices you will learn in the South training, as well as details on classes beginning in 2014. Are you ready to step into the life you have imagined, and begin your study of shamanic energy medicine? Whether you are looking to enhance your current practice, begin a new career in energy medicine, or simply embark on a deeply personal and transformative healing journey, we invite you to join Alberto on February 4, 2014 at 7:30 pm ET for this life-changing teleconference.

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