Death as an Ally

dying with dignity

When we resolve our unfinished business and embark on our own personal healing journey we are able to make death an ally in our lives.

Death gives us a unique perspective on life, keeping our priorities straight and our life in balance. We want to heal by experiencing symbolic deaths rather than literal death whenever possible. Many people say that cancer has been their wake-up call to claim life, while others have chosen to die rather than change their circumstances or systems.

In the Western world we have not been good with endings. We have not known “how” to let something go with grace and beauty. Whether a relationship or job, when we experience a symbolic death, we are re-informed about what is really important in life; motivating the changes necessary for us to be really alive, present and awake.

As we make death our ally, it is also important to learn how to cleanse the toxic, negative energies from our luminous energy field since we never know when death will knock at our door. This is the knowledge learned and experienced through the Healing the Light Body School journey.

  • Do a recapitulation of your life, seeing it in detail. An easy way to do this is imagine you are sitting by a river and allow the memories to float downstream.  This review process doesn’t happen chronologically but allows all the places of unfinished business to arise. Be open and surrender to what might float by, you will be surprised.  One student noticed a “goat” come down the river which didn’t make any sense to her, until she realized she was always the “scapegoat” in her family dynamics. If you can share this life review with a close friend who would be your sacred witness, even better.
  • Let the emotions that might come up wash through you and allow your life to be held at the energetic level, not the personal. Realize you are at this moment the judge, jurors, and accused.  Forgive yourself and others. Take this opportunity to allow all to be cleansed. If you would like to, write it down and then burn it in a ceremonial fire.  The key to this step is forgiving yourself and others.
  • Take any memories, including those you might still struggle with, to ceremony! You could hold a fire ceremony or make an Aya Despacho listed in the featured ceremony with the intention of honoring, letting go of, and making closure of these old pieces.  If you need more assistance in releasing you can always contact one of the Light Body graduates through the Four Winds at (888) 437-4077 or (435) 647-5988.
  • It may be helpful to go through an actual re-enactment of your own deathbed scene with a group of close friends so you have the opportunity to say the “I love you’s” and “I’ll miss you’s” to those in your life.

Death is a doorway and for every shamanic tradition this doorway must be experienced to understand it. To simply read about it, is not sufficient. We must experience it on the symbolic in order to assist another who is at the final crossing; or to be totally present for our own lives and rebirth a new world. When we realize death can be our ally, we are able to be fully present in life, we become pillars of calm in the middle of the storm of life.  We become peace and stillness for ourselves and our family.

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