Decoupling Fight or Flight

In shamanic energy medicine, we use a process called “decoupling” to deactivate the “fight or flight response”.  The shamans refer to this process as “bringing the jaguar down from the tree:”  Following are the steps in the shamanic decoupling process.

1. Place right hand under heart/ left hand holding deepening points (occipital ridge) on back of head.

2. Connect to the heartbeat of the earth – the heart is the great drum of the body – attune to that.

3. Mentally speak to their heart like you would to a child- “It’s ok my little one, you can relax, it is safe.”

4. Sense the heart coming to rest in your palm-releasing the tension. Their breathing will change.

5. Now place left hand under heart/ right hand under their 2nd chakra.

Still stay connected with the heartbeat of the earth.

6. Mentally speaking to their 2nd chakra, think “It’s ok my little one, you can relax, it is safe.”

7. Sense the 2nd chakra coming into rhythm and balance with the heart.

Important Note: Some clients may need to be decoupled several times



  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you for the lesson.

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