Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and Marcela Lobos

An exclusive retreat
Los Lobos Lodge & Spa, Chile

Marcela and Alberto invite you to join them in a week of renewal and healing at Los Lobos. You will experience the finest cuisine, daily yoga and mountain hikes, (it is summer in Chile) massages and private energy medicine sessions with renowned shamans. In addition you will enjoy the brain foods and nutrients that repair the brain, regulate cellular energy production, and reverse the damage done by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Our chef prepares delicious meals every day as you detox your body with morning juices, yoga, and gentle hikes. Detoxifying, energy boosting nutraceuticals including antioxidant and mitochondrial repair formulas will clear away the brain fog, relieve cellular stress, and bring you increased clarity and energy. You will enjoy group sessions as well as private sessions with Marcela and Alberto, and leave with an individualized health and energy program that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

We’ve discovered that you can repair your brain, triggering the production of neural stem cells, and renew your body in as little as a week. The secret is to re- activate your cellular detox and free-radical scavenging systems that have shut down with age (after all nature selects for reproduction, not for longevity) and turn on your health and longevity genes (Sirt1 genes). Mitochondrial repair nutrients and O2, which will be available during the week, eliminates dysfunctional mitochondria and triggers new mitochondrial production resulting in increased health, vitality and clarity.

Shamanic energy medicine will clear the imprints of disease from your luminous energy field, your ‘life-matrix.’ The illumination process switches on the genes that create health and switches off the genes that result in disease. And thru shamanic energy medicine and soul retrieval you will recover parts of your essential self that were lost as a result of trauma or stress.

From the time we’re in the womb we suffer ongoing free radical damage to mitochondria, the fuel factories in our cells. This damage begins with our mother’s diet, and builds up from environmental toxins, pesticides, and stress, until it manifests later as disease. By middle age, our ability to produce clean-burning fuel diminishes. And free radical damage leads to premature ageing and damage to our brain cells. When we cross a threshold of mitochondrial injury, illness, fatigue, and brain fog become perversely difficult to cure or even manage.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all degenerative diseases of the brain have in common free-radical damage and mitochondrial breakdown. When our mitochondria are strong, we switch on the genes that produce health. When they are weakened, they trigger premature cell suicide or apoptosis. Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body. It is essential to repair mitochondria and detoxify the cell and the liver. Yet our stress and toxin filled lifestyles overwhelm the body’s native antioxidant systems. As a result, ageing is accelerated, we become dis-stressed and live in a brain fog, and our health compromised.

S- Acetyl-Glutathione can be taken orally, and provides the body with the precursors to make it’s own glutathione. Glutathione injections are administered intravenously by a licensed nurse. At Los Lobos we employ glutathione prepared by the Wellness Pharmacy in the USA.


What’s included:

  • Land transportation from Santiago airport
  • Lodging
  • Three nutritious and delicious meals a day
  • Detox juices and superfoods, neuro-nutrients
  • Daily educational sessions with Alberto
  • One private consultation with Alberto
  • One soul retrieval session
  • Unlimited osteopathic/massage/acupuncture/shamanic sessions
  • Two shamanic energy medicine lectures and evening classes
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Oxygen based mitochondrial repair therapy


Cost: $8,800 plus lodging
*air transportation and 6% gratuity on services not included
A non-refundable $3,000 deposit is required with your registration.



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