Emotional Healing and Shedding Your Past: The Medicine Wheel “South” Course


The setting was different; it was a different person across from me, a different day of the week, a little different story but the words and most importantly everything that was behind her was almost the same. She had tears in her eyes and her face shifted between resignation and hope, in need of emotional healing.  She said what I had heard hundreds of times before “I am sick and tired of my story.  The one that keeps going around and around in my head… the one I know I want to change but don’t know how.  I want it to be done, to feel joy and happiness again, all the time.”  She looked at me with hope and I could see the glimmer of the beautiful woman she was in her soul,  “Can you help me?” she asked.

I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, Yes, Yes, Yes, but replied in what she would understand with a simple “You are absolutely in the right place. Come step into a different kind of healing journey.”


We are informed by our past.

Your past is not necessarily what happened to you, but the way it lives within you. The memories, the family story, the personal history – all coded into your life.  To shed this huge identification of who you think you are, and to truly step into emotional healing of that past, requires an amazing act of love and power.

In our western world we are addicted to suffering. The pain happens – the loss of the job, the relationship, the loved one.  Suffering is the story you wrap around the pain.  These stories create your past.  In the western world, as you seek out emotional healing, you work to release your stories or issues one by one, almost like trying to shed one scale of the skin of the past that holds you.


But the Medicine Wheel “South” course is a different kind of healing journey …

It is a journey where you can engage your personal histories and release their grip all at once – not scale by scale, but like a serpent shedding its entire skin.  You come to the cellular realization that you are not your story.  You are not your history.  And the skin comes off.

Just like a real snake, the hardest part to let go of is the head.  Like a serpent, you hit your head hoping understanding will let everything go, but finally you surrender to the healing of your soul.  This is the first part of the Medicine Wheel journey, what we call our “South” course.  It is the first step on the legendary journey to become a person of power and knowledge. The letting go process is sweet and elegant and easy.

The serpent walks belly to belly with the mother earth. It is an emotional healing journey where you are able to reconnect to the garden, to the Pachamama or mother earth. It’s where you can come home again.  You step into a place of your becoming.  You have created an opportunity to reinvent your life.  You step out of cause and effect and into the sacred.

Yes, Yes, Yes – there is a different kind of healing journey. Click to learn more about our Medicine Wheel Programs, or find upcoming dates for our South Medicine Wheel courses.


P.S. The Medicine Wheel curriculum offers 4 primary courses to begin with, each 3 days in length. These same courses are also offered in an expanded curriculum over 6 days for practitioners and individuals interested in actual activities and healing rites – these courses are part of our Light Body School. Click to learn more about “South” in the 6-day curriculum.

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