Energy Medicine makes a difference between curing and healing

Energy Medicine makes a difference between curing and healing. Curing is fixing that which has gone wrong, like patching a tire if you have a flat, or treating snake bite, or using chemotherapy on a tumor. Healing is life changing. It is much broader, more global, and complete. Healing results from an indelible experience of your source, of your infinite and luminous self, and often, though not always, produces a physical cure. Western medicine has almost exclusively been concerned with finding cures. It measures the success of an intervention in terms of whether the patient’s symptoms improve or not. Energy medicine is concerned with healing, and measures its success by the clients increased wellbeing, by their sense of newfound peace and empowerment, and their feeling of communion with all life. This is achieved through an experience of our luminous, undying self.

My investigations into healing through the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) have convinced me that all the ancient references to our inner light are actual physical facts. We have discovered that the LEF contains a template of how we live, how we will age, how we heal, and how we will die. The LEF informs and organizes the physical body in the same way that the energy fields of a magnet organize iron filings on a piece of glass. I remember in elementary school being awed by the beautiful oval patterns of iron filings created by the invisible fields of a magnet, and how, when I moved the magnet the iron filings would dutifully follow like a caravan of metallic ants. As a child moving the iron filings with my finger, I saw that when I separated them and let go, they would immediately return to their original positions. Many years later I would understand that much of Western medicine was concerned with moving around the iron filings on the glass, employing surgery and medication to bring about violent and often traumatic change on the physical body. This struck me as terribly crude and invasive, like rearranging the iron filings on the glass with my hand, without moving the magnet underneath.

I have seen how oftentimes after a surgeon excises a tumor, the cancer would return weeks or months later. I realized that while the physical mass, the tumor, had been removed, the LEF still contained the blueprint of the cancer. It was only a matter of time before there was another incidence of disease. With energy medicine we change the iron fillings of the body by changing the energy fields that organize them. We change the magnet and the iron filings follow. The more I learned about energy medicine the more I understood how valuable it could be even as a complement to medicine and surgery. There are times when surgery and medications are necessary and can save our lives. Energy medicine is meant to complement Western medicine, not as a substitute for it. Yet the approach of energy medicine is radically different. We heal the LEF, and the physical body follows.

The LEF is a blueprint of our body and our health. It is an active matrix that continually holds the pattern for the body and informs the immune system. One puzzle that has long confounded medicine is what happens after we cut ourselves. When you nick yourself with a kitchen knife, the cut triggers an alarm that sets off an extraordinary response. White blood cells swarm to the area to stave off infection, blood vessels constrict to slow bleeding, and skin cells replicate at a speed hundreds of times faster than usual, to create tissue that will fill the cut again. What baffles us is what oversees this extraordinary SWAT-team like effort. Why doesn’t skin continue growing into a mound on our fingers? How do the cells know when the contour of the finger has been exactly replicated? What turns the whole thing off? To the medicine people, the signal is triggered by the LEF, which regulates and maintains the integrity of the body. The iron filings know exactly where to go.

The LEF holds a blueprint of every disease we will ever experience. Scientists have long looked for this blueprint in our DNA, for breast cancer genes and heart disease genes that we inherit from our parents, and that at some point in our lives are inexplicably triggered. These same instructions are written in an energy code in the LEF. A medicine person who can ‘see’ the luminous energy field can look at you and tell you what your grandmother died from, and how you might die. Conversely, they are able to ‘read’ and clear the imprints in the LEF during the healing process, so that illnesses and traumas do not have to manifest physically. They are healed at the source.

Quantum mechanics offers a scientific metaphor of this same phenomena. Chaos Theory postulates that the tropical storm in the Caribbean originated with a butterfly that flapped its wings in Beijing. It is very difficult to change a tropical storm. When a hurricane alert sounds along the Florida coast, all one can do is leave for higher ground. If we could change the hurricane when it was still a whisper of wind on the edge of that butterfly’s wing, at the source of the phenomena, then it would be possible to divert this energy along a more constructive course.


If you are interested in learning more about the Luminous Energy Field, we suggest reading Shaman, Healer, Sage by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.  In addition,  The Light Body School offers a scientific framework through which you will learn about the Luminous Energy Field and the ancient wisdom teachings of the Americas combined with modern science.  The Light Body School is approved for Continuing Education Units for Licensed Professionals including Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Nurses, and Massage Therapists.


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