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Jaguar 3Over 10,000 students around the world have trained with The Four Winds Society in the practice of Shamanism and Energy Medicine. Whether you are looking for personal transformation, to become a Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, or continuing your professional development – Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds, welcome you to begin your journey.

The Four Winds Society offers
3 complementary learning tracks.

The Light Body School for those seeking
to become Energy Medicine Practitioners.

The Medicine Wheel for those looking for a
condensed, in-depth personal growth curriculum.

The Advanced Journey for students who are ready
to move into an advanced Masters curriculum.

The Four Winds also offers Spiritual Expeditions to Peru and Chile for those who want to steep their journey with adventure at the great power places of the Andes. No matter where you live or what you do, there are opportunities to begin energy healing classes with The Four Winds today.


LBS Foto 2Light Body School: Luminous Healing
& Energy Medicine Certification Courses

The Light Body School, known as the Harvard of neo-shamanism, offers the student the opportunity to become
a certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner. As a certified practitioner you will have the knowledge
and skills to work with clients one-on-one or by phone to create lives filled with health and grace.

  • Shamanic Wisdom: South Class - The South is the first energy medicine course in the Light Body School, we learn to empower ourselves and bring healing to others. We explore in-depth the concept of the Luminous Energy Field and learn the Illumination process, the core foundational healing practice of shamanic energy medicine By clearing issues stored in the Luminous Energy Field, we learn to shift the energetic programming of what shows up in physical reality.
  • West (Extraction) -In the West course we are introduced to the shaman’s perceptual states, learning to track or “see” phenomena on physical, emotional, mythic and energetic levels. Working with the Luminous Energy Field, we learn the shamanic art of Extraction – how to remove negative energies to free up the flow of light and energy and promote optimal health on the level of the body, emotions and soul.
  • North (Soul Retrieval) - In the North, we learn the art of Soul Retrieval, another foundational technique in shamanic healing and energy medicine. Through Soul Retrieval, we can help others to reconnect with parts of themselves that may have been lost through grief or trauma. We learn to help re-write disempowering contracts with life, so others may reclaim and embody their true essence and step fully into a life of grace and abundance.
  • East (Life and Death Rites)–In the East, we learn the Great Death Rites and the art of Dying Consciously – being fully aware and awake when we die. By stepping into the shoes of the dying person, we come to understand and fully experience the elements of the dying process so that we may help them step into the Greatest Journey with grace and dignity. The East also teaches us how to empower others to fully live a rich and authentic life in every moment.
  • Reading the Signs of Destiny – In Reading the Signs of Destiny, we learn the art of shamanic seeing, fine-tuning our abilities to “see” or perceive the world of energy and spirit, while developing the skills and tools for shamanic tracking and divination. By awakening and strengthening our intuition, we are able to recognize and act upon the signs offered by nature, randomness, and chance events in our lives.
  • Walking with Protection in the World – In Walking with Protection, we experience the power and force of intention. We also see and experience what distinguishes a shaman from a sorcerer, and come to understand the high level of integrity and ethics that come with stepping into the role of the shaman. This course also teaches additional practical shamanic extraction techniques and clearing methods, including how to clear homes, spaces and land.
  • Working with the Sacred - In Working with the Sacred, we learn to step as shaman beyond the level of the body and mind, and enter the realm of ceremony, the mythic and the soul. This course explores the ancient myths and forces that guide our dreams and our journey through life, and offers valuable tools for working in ceremony to bring healing, transformation and balance to our lives.


Los Lobos

Fast-Track Light Body School:
Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine Certification Courses

Tailored to those who wish to fast-track their training in Shamanic Energy Medicine, these programs offer the opportunity to take the core curriculum of the four directions and three masters courses in a comprehensive, intensive format led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, assisted by Four Winds lead teachers, and Q’ero shaman from Peru.

  • Fast-Track – South & West Light Body – Los Lobos – Chile -  The South is the first energy medicine course in the Light Body School. During this experiential program you’ll learn the core foundational healing practice of healing the light body. In the West you’ll explore inherited ancestral and karmic patterns, discovering ways that help you come into right relation with these patterns and honor the gifts of your ancestors so you may set them free and empower yourself to create the world of your dreams.
  • Fast-Track – North & East Light Body – Los Lobos – Chile –  In the North you will learn the art of Soul Retrieval. Assist others to access a lost soul-part which became unavailable at a time of trauma. In the East you’ll learn how to own your projections so that you can come into right relationship with them and create the world of your dreams.
  • Fast-Track – Reading the Signs of Destiny, Working with the Sacred, Walking with Protection – Los Lobos – Chile -  Working intensely guided by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Four Winds lead teachers you’ll learn to finely-tune your intuition and begin to seize the glorious opportunities that await as you learn to recognize the signs. Explore the ancient myths that guide your dreams. Learn to bring peace, balance and healing to every situation, and to walk with beauty in the world.

Personal Grow - 2
Medicine Wheel and Personal Enrichment Courses

The Medicine Wheel is for the student who is looking for in-depth personal transformation. This track offers the full benefit of the Light Body School while focusing specifically on the personal healing instruction of the first three days of each LBS course. You will walk away with the same tools to create your life filled with health and grace without focusing on the client work.

  • Medicine Wheel South (Illumination) – In the South, we learn to shed the past the way the Serpent sheds its skin. We come to recognize and release the stories that have shaped our lives, freeing ourselves to step fully into the present moment.
  • Medicine Wheel West (Extraction) – In the West, the Way of the Jaguar, we step beyond our karmic and genetic inheritance, honoring the gifts (and releasing the wounds) of our ancestors, journeying beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing for a life of our choosing.
  • Medicine Wheel North (Soul Retrieval) – In the North, we’ll learn to step outside the confines of linear time, reconnecting through ceremony with our origins and ancient memories. We’ll learn how to journey to Infinity, the place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists, to heal the past and chart new destinies.
  • Medicine Wheel East (Life and Death Rites) – In the East, the Way of the Eagle, we’ll let go of limiting core beliefs and projections and learn to fully manifest our dreams through energy, awareness and intent. We’ll move beyond our personal healing work to step into our roles and responsibilities as Earthkeepers and stewards.
  • Neuroscience of Enlightenment – The course teaches advanced shamanic techniques that help set the mind free from repetitive behaviors and limiting beliefs, while repairing the brain and body from symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue. Learn how to use food, supplements and shamanic practices to help you, your family and your clients heal from emotional suffering and step into enlightenment.
  • Munay-Ki – The Peruvian Q’ero, the shamans of the Andes, have shared the energetic processes (or rites) of the Munay-Ki to help clear our bodies, minds and souls of heavy energies during this challenging time of great change and transformation on the planet. Nine rites are offered in this class; including protection, stimulating intuition, releasing heavy energies from the body and mind, and helping to align our soul with its higher purpose.

Alberto energy

The Advanced Journey: Master’s Level Certification Courses

The Advanced Journey takes students into the level of Master’s training. Whether you are a professional  seeking to take your skills to the next level, or you have taken the Medicine Wheel and are looking to deepen your personal practice, these energy medicine courses are designed for enhanced learning opportunities. Medicine Wheel and are looking to deepen your personal practice, these are courses designed for enhanced learning opportunities.

  • Advanced Divination and Seeing – This course in advanced Divination, Tracking and shamanic Seeing helps experienced practitioners to deepen their divination skills and sharpen their focus and intent to facilitate greater healing in themselves and others. Students also learn the art of the medical intuitive – how to read inside a person’s body to examine organs, systems, tissues, and to diagnose spiritual disease.
  • Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval – Deepen your skills in the advanced shamanic healing techniques of Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval to assist others who have been derailed from their destiny by trauma or exceptional challenge. By learning to work in sacred time, in the the realm of the infinite, you can help others to step into their greatest destiny by influencing events outside of linear time.
  • Mastery of Time – This powerful experiential training is one of our most popular Master’s classes. Here you will learn to work at a place of infinity, consciously creating the time to come as you learn skills to master dream time, sacred time, and linear time. These shamanic techniques and processes will both deepen your personal work and add depth and ease to client work.
  • Rites and Initiation – Gain a deeper understanding of the shaman’s path of energy and enlightenment by exploring the great initiations of shamanism, including the passages that mark puberty, womanhood, manhood, and our sage years. You will also re-experience the rites of the Medicine Wheel, revisiting each transmission of energy in the traditional language of the Laika.

Spiritual Expeditions

Our Spiritual Expeditions to Peru and Chile are designed to offer unique and exciting adventures in the power places of the Andes. Each trip includes participation in ancient practices and ceremonies while experiencing the beauty and wisdom of the land of the Earthkeepers and the Wisdomholders of our lineage. while experiencing the beauty and wisdom of the land of the Earthkeepers and the Wisdomholders of our lineage.

  • Peru – Amazon One Spirit – Journey to the Amazon Rainforest with Marcela Lobos in a small, invitation-only experiential group to explore the meeting between the sacred jungle medicine and western spiritual disciplines.
  • Peru – Via Iluminata – Dr. Alberto Villoldo personally leads this extraordinary spiritual journey and transformational adventure through Peru’s Sacred Valley. You’ll be welcomed by indigenous medicine men and women, visit sacred places, steep yourself in ancient ceremonies and experience the sights and sounds of one of our planet’s most magical countries. Cusco, Machu Picchu, Pumamarca, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Sacsayhuaman… The adventure of a lifetime awaits. 
  • Peru – Choquequirao  – An expedition with Dr. Jim Dewell to the lost cities of the Inka. Choquequirao means the “cradle of gold” in the Quechua language. The mythology speaks about three ‘hidden cities’, each one step closer to the invisible world. The first is Machu Picchu, the second Choquequirao, the final one Vilcabamba. This is an extraordinarily beautiful and challenging expedition


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