Course Offerings

jagSee what the Four Winds has in store for you with our empowering, transformational and in-depth energy medicine course curriculum. Scheduled retreat workshops present traditional shamanic rites that facilitate your connection to an ancient lineage of medicine men and women to support your healing journey and the energetic healing you might provide in your practice. Experiential exercises will help you develop your abilities to connect with life energy; holistically engage the world through body, mind and soul; and acquire the shaman’s way of seeing. Enjoy learning with like-minded people interested in spiritual growth, expanding their perceptual horizons, honing their innate healing skills and cultivating their higher purpose. No matter where you are on your life path, The Four Winds offers courses and workshops for both beginning and advanced Energy Medicine Healing. Continuing Education Units are offered for licensed professionals.

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Spiritual Expeditions

Light Body School: Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine Certification Courses

  1. Shamanic Wisdom: South Class - [Prerequisites: None]
  2. Self (Reading the Signs of Destiny)[Prerequisites: None]
  3. West (Extraction)[Prerequisites: South]
  4. Earth (Walking with Protection in the World)  [Prerequisites: None]
  5. North (Soul Retrieval) – [Prerequisites: South, West]
  6. Heavens (Working with the Sacred)[Prerequisites: None]
  7. East (Life and Death Rites)[Prerequisites: South, West, North]

The Advanced Journey: Master’s Level Certification Courses

 Medicine Wheel – Personal Enrichment Courses/Electives