Advanced Divination & Seeing

Advanced Divination Four Winds Course

[Prerequisites:  South, West]

Deepen your divination skills and align yourself even further with the signs presented by nature, randomness and chance events.   Master the art of tracking, shamanic seeing, and creating maps on the level of the soul for individuals and for the entire world.  Learn the art of the medical intuitive – how to read inside a person’s body to examine organs, systems, tissues, and to diagnose spiritual disease. Experience the power that your awareness and your language have on healing, and sharpen your focus and intent to facilitate healing in yourself and others.  Learn to work from a place of pure stillness and deepest integrity.

Greca ChicaTUITION:
$1450.00 USD/€

Greca ChicaCourse Dates

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November 1-6, 2015 – Joshua Tree, California

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