Living and Dying Consciously

In this four day format you will learn the ancient healing techniques to assist loved ones and friends to die with grace and dignity.  You will also learn how to assist someone who may have died years before. The program couples one day of the foundational skills taught in the South (Illumination) course of The Light Body School on healing the Luminous Energy Field with three days of the skills taught in East (Life and Death Rites) course which assists loved ones on their final and Greatest Journey.  You will receive rites of passage and learn to work in ceremony.

Course Dates

What to Bring

  • Clothing
    • Outdoor clothing – Come prepared to do evening fire ceremonies and outdoor explorations.  Plan according to the time of year and site location.  You may need to bring a coat or jacket, boots, raingear, flashlight, etc.
    • Comfortable clothes – Bring comfortable clothes as much of our class work is done indoors on the floor.  Chairs are available for those who need them.
    • Ceremonial evening clothes – Nice dress, or slacks and shirt.
  •  3 stones  – Each stone should fit easily into our hand and move you or speak to you in some way.  The stones will be the beginning of your altar.  You will need a small ceremonial cloth to hold your stones.
  • 1 small gift – You will receive rites of passage in the Laika tradition.  It is customary to gift the person giving the rites with a small token of your appreciation.
  • Journal for  your notes.

Dying Consciously Teacher’s Training

This program is how to teach the Dying Consciously process in your community. The curriculum includes over eight hours of “how to teach” where you will learn specific skills and then have the opportunity to practice them. Program includes an extensive and detailed teacher’s manual with specific information on how to teach your own training, including outlines, handouts and sample flyers. Teaching agreement required.   Learn more!

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