Living Your Destiny

[Prerequisites: South, West, North, East, Reading the Signs of Destiny, Walking with Protection in the World, Working with the Sacred, Advanced Divination and Seeing, Advanced Divination and Seeing, Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval ]

Living Your Destiny is a new advanced course for 2012.

Come take your journey to the next level and learn the specific steps to align with your destiny day by day so you can live in a life full of passion, joy, and love now.  Explore the hidden energetics that keep you bound to a certain container for your life.  Instead of shifting the content of your life, come learn how to create a new vessel for yourself and the world.  Includes newest work by Alberto and powerful exercises using positive psychology and visioning which will give you practical skills to “live” your destiny.

Course Dates

  • Course dates coming soon.

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