Neuroscience of Enlightenment

Neuroscience of Enlightenment[Prerequisites: None]

Learn advanced shamanic techniques that help set the mind free from repetitive behaviors and limiting beliefs while repairing the brain and body from symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue. Learn how to use food, supplements  and shamanic practices to help you, your family and your clients heal from emotional suffering and step into enlightenment. In this training you will learn to work with whole foods and nutrients to heal the body and brain, allowing the repair of the hippocampus in order to recover from cellular atrophy. You will also learn shamanic  techniques that clear imprints of trauma and disease from your luminous energy field. The natural bridge between the physical body and the energetic body take you deep into conscious evolution, allowing you a path to reach your full potential, both physically and energetically. In addition to learning the blend of these leading edge practices, we are also offering a Personal Healing Intensive with our senior staff practitioners that allow you to rapidly work through issues that have been lingering and wanting to change. This Personal Healing Intensive is $850 and will be scheduled within normal class time.

Greca ChicaThe Personal Healing Intensive includes:
  • 3 personal shamanic energy sessions with a Four Winds senior staff teacher.
  • Special juicing, detoxing, and brain foods
  • Bio-Feedback monitoring with Dr. Alexina Mehta.
Greca ChicaCourse Requirements:
  1. Read the book Power Up Your Brain, by David Perlmutter, MD and Alberto Villoldo, PhD. Click here to order.
  2. We recommend you to take nutrients and supplements listed in Power Up Your Brain one month before the course start date. You will have access to ordering these supplements upon registering for the course.
Greca ChicaCourse Dates

2015 Course Dates TBA

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