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Shamanic Wisdom


“Years ago I was a medical anthropologist in the Amazon rainforest with a research grant from a pharmaceutical company  hoping to find the bark or root that could become the next great cancer cure. After all, the jungle is nature’s pharmacy, filled with exotic plants whose powers have yet to be discovered. I spent many months canoeing to villages that had seldom seen a white man and wherever  I went, I found there was no cancer or heart disease, even in the elders of the communities. Clearly, the indigenous people of the area knew something about health that we westerners didn’t know. What was their secret?

      I returned home with my backpack empty. However, I learned there was a magic ingredient to health. It was, the shamans told me, the wisdom that would allow a person to become like the jaguar that travelled easily between the visible and invisible worlds. And it could only be found in the invisible world of Spirit.”

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Allows you to experience the merging of your individual consciousness with all consciousness and all creation. The natural outcome of this experience is bliss, and stewardship of the Earth.

Shamanic healing wisdom upgrades the quality of the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds your physical body instructing your molecules, cells, and genes. It allows you to express the genes for health and switch off the genes that create disease. The LEF can be thought of as the software that informs your DNA -the hardware- to repair your body. Before awakening to shamanic healing wisdom, your LEF simply creates your body (and your psychological world) according to the instructions inherited from your parents. It replicates the heart conditions, the breast conditions, and the psychological dramas that cut across generations. We continue to live out pathetic health and psychological issues, living the way they lived, dying the way they died.


The Luminous Energy Field mediates between your brain, where you experience yourself as a distinct individual with your own unique awareness, and Spirit, where we are One. It is the instrument through which you dream the world into being, consisting of light and vibration, so whatever you vibrate in your LEF, you create in the world. When we raise the quality of our LEF we can begin to express the genes for health and longevity, and lead more original lives.

Shamanic wisdom is much harder to attain today than it was during the time of our Paleolithic ancestors from 10,000 years ago who lived longer, healthier lives. Our brains have been damaged by toxins, heavy metals, and stress. We can no longer access the brain-mind states necessary to experience unity with all creation, and upgrade the quality of our LEF. No matter how long we meditate or how many times we chant OM.

Shamanic wisdom allows you to realize that everything in your life is something you’ve chosen to dream into being—including the sense that you are a separate being, or the emotional pain and suffering you may be experiencing. Even the apparent schism between the visible world of the senses and the invisible world of Spirit is a dream you have created. But once you experience your interconnectedness with all, your priorities will change—and your ability to live them and not unknowingly sabotage yourself will improve.

Greca ChicaThe SOUTH-ILLUMINATION: the first course in The Light Body School

During the South you will learn how to create sacred space wherever you are, to empower yourself and bring healing to those around you.

The anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field will be explored in-depth. Through the Illumination process, the core foundational healing practice of healing the light body, you will learn how to clear issues stored in the Luminous Energy Field and how to shift the energetic programming of what shows up in your physical reality.


Transcend your limiting beliefs
Let go of your opinions about right and wrong, good and bad

Do not write stories about your pain
Differentiate between suffering and pain; and give up suffering

Let go of the labels you stuck onto yourself
Find your reference point internally
Let it no longer be your ego but your divinity

Perceive loveliness even when there is ugliness
Find the gift from Spirit
Bring beauty to every moment


  • Bands of Protection in your energy field that allow you to live fearlessly and walk in safety thru the world.
  • The Seers Rite, which allows you to perceive the invisible world and effectively use intuition in navigating the world.
  • The Harmony Rite, which brings balance in all areas of your life.
  • Healer Rite, which connects you to a lineage of healers to assist you in your personal healing.


Greca ChicaTuition:
$1650 USD/€


 Greca ChicaCourse Dates

US - Register Online
May 17-22, 2015 – Miami, Florida
June 14-19, 2015 – Joshua Tree, California
October 4-9, 2015 – Omega, New York


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