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Thank you for registering! Click the Audio Acrobat link below to download a complimentary audio between World-Renowned Shaman Alberto Villoldo and Gregg Braden as they discuss how we are all connected in ways that modern science is only beginning to acknowlege and understand.

Discover the sheer magnitude of what the healing power of Energy Medicine can do in your life! Discover Illumination!

  • Imagine exchanging old lumpy debris in your energy field for the power, strength, and massive forward movement you’ve been struggling to claim!
  • Imagine coming away from our 6-day Illumination course re-charged, re-dedicated and re-stoked to making your life (and even your business or practice) everything it’s suppose to be!
  • Imagine immediately implementing the most revered steps and techniques that the most advanced Shamans and energy practitioners have used through the ages.
  • Imagine moving into a peaceful and balanced space that allows you to create significant impact in the lives of others and in the way this world works together!

Listen to Saranagati describe the improvements to her health and quality of life after after attending
The Light Body School at The Four Winds Society

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