Mastery of Time

Mastery of Time - The Four Winds Course

[Prerequisites: Light Body Curriculum –South and West]

Mastery of Time has always been an advanced practice for the shamans of our lineage.  Now it is also one of our most popular master level trainings.

In ancient Greece, Time was such a strong archetypal energy, that it was worshiped as the God of all Gods – Chronos.  Today, in the West, we are still very much in the grip of this powerful archetype. Our time-keeping devices keep us bound.  Our lives revolve around ways to hold it, manage it, and get more of it.

In this powerful experiential training, you will dance at the razor’s edge where there is no clock time – at a place of infinity.  From this place, you can consciously create the time to come.  You will learn skills to master dream time, sacred time, and linear time. You will work with your own personal timeline in a process that creates tremendous freedom to source your life from your Destiny.  You also will work globally – at the level of the collective – using tools such as sacred drama and an archetypal mesa, which you will build during the training.

The pieces of work taught in this powerful experiential class will deepen your personal work and bring more elegance and depth to your own life and your client work.

Greca ChicaWhat Students are Saying.…

The class blew me away!  It is my new favorite.  Of course, I love all of the classes, but Mastery of Time spoke to me in such a deep global way. As a shaman, it was so gratifying to know that as I did my work, it was radiating out into the world in so many, many ways!

I thank you for all you hold and bring…

In gratitude,

Dee Dee Fite McMillan


Greca ChicaTUITION:
$1,450 USD/€

Greca ChicaCourse Dates

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October 11-16, 2015 – Omega Institute, New York

June 27-July 02, 2015 – Wald-Michelbach, Germany


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