The Women’s Altar

680 x 420 px-Women's Altar

Taught by Marcela Lobos, this class allows women to discover the courage to be bold, brave and unapologetic as their powerful selves,  free from fear and judgment and living at their most potent potential as women in the world today.

Have you ever written a love letter to yourself, expressing your deepest desires? Have you ever honored your mother as a queen, to allow yourself to achieve that status? Have you ever danced a sacred spiral with other women who are fully in support of one another?

Marcela Lobos invites women of all ages to come together in sacred ceremony to honor the goddess within each one of us. Through laughter, dance, costume and ceremony you will discover your inherent gifts and you will learn how to embrace and express these gifts in the world.

Marcela is a passionate healer who has traced the steps of the warrior to become a medicine woman initiated in the traditions of the Andes and the Amazon. She has transformed her wounds into sources of compassion and wisdom allowing her to inspire and assist others in ways that speak to the soul.

Come explore your wild self, releasing all limiting beliefs, to be transformed into the true, powerful and creative woman that you are


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