Walking with Protection in the World (Earth)

Walking With Protection Course - The Four Winds

[Prerequisites:  None]

In Walking with Protection, you will have a chance to experience the power force of your intent.  You will also see and experience what distinguishes a shaman from a sorcerer, and come to understand the high level of integrity and ethics that come with stepping into the role of the shaman.

Walking With Protection Includes:
  • See how the unhealed parts of your being make you vulnerable to the ill will of others, and learn how to clear these issues, so that you no longer fall victim to abuses of power in the world.
  • Learn additional extraction techniques and clearing methods – including clearing homes, spaces and land.
  • Learn how to shine the light on the dark, shadowy elements of life in order to bring peace, balance and healing to every situation and to walk with beauty in the world.

$1450 USD/€

Course Dates
  • August 23-28, 2014 – Wald-Michelbach, Germany – Call to Register
  • May 11 – 16, 2014 – Omega, New York – Register Online