Working with the Sacred

Working With the Sacred - labyrinth

[Prerequisites:  None]

In Working with the Sacred, you will learn what makes people “stuck” on the level of the soul.  By working in ceremony, you will acquire valuable tools which allow you to honor what shows up on the mythic level, including the seemingly “negative” elements, so that you can bring healing, transformation, and balance to every situation and every encounter.

Step beyond the body and the mind, and enter the domain of the soul – the level of the mythic – the place of the gods.  Explore the ancient myths and forces that guide your dreams and your journey through life.  As the shaman, step fearlessly into this mythic realm, where mortals fear to tread.

Greca ChicaSpecial Highlight – Archetype Presentations

One of the treasures in this class is that we have a day of “archetype presentations.”  While this is optional for you, we strongly encourage you to make the leap into the unknown, to bring into the room an archetype who is calling you for us to witness and experience.  We invite you to spend a few moments dropping inside to see if there is an ascended master, a God or Goddess, a hero or heroine from a myth that is speaking to you.

Examples in the past have been:  Abraham, Black Madonna, Shekina, Tezcatlicopa (The Smokey Mirror God), Kali, Brigid, Merlin, Mayan Sun God, Cowboy, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Hermes, Mary Magdalene, Maiden Mother Crone/ Triple Goddess, Wild Man, Parsival, Dark Masculine, Hera, Pan, Gladiator, Artemis as well as the Ugly Duckling, Bohdisattva of Sacred Street Mathematics — anything you want to make up.  You are neither limited by this list nor by your gender. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and into the shoes of this one you are bringing to us.

Greca ChicaTUITION:
$1450 USD/€


Greca ChicaCourse Dates

USRegister Online
October 25-30, 2015 – Joshua Tree, California

EUROPECall to Register
September 15-20, 2015 – Wald-Michelbach, Germany

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