Student Testimonials

Following are just a few testimonials from students on the profound impact The Four Winds teachings have had on their lives.


About the Four Winds Curriculum & Teaching

The classes were profound for me in many ways and a perfect continuation in my personal growth and growing awareness. I want to express my gratitude to you and the staff/assistants for creating and holding such an amazing container and sacred space for all that powerfully showed up and took place those two weeks. Despite doing a lot of personal and spiritual growth work over the past 10 years, somehow this teaching is allowing me to further/deeper step into the mystery and experience life at the mythical/soul and energetic levels, and I have experienced a significant drop from head to
hearth. I also got a deeper sense of “itʼs all good” and “there are no mistakes” while taking these classes. I very much feel like Universe responding and being In the Flow in a way I have read and heard about but never experienced in this way before. So graciously and gratefully thank you, thank you, and thank you for all that you and the Four Winds program has offered and planted in me as I embark on this exciting second half of my life.
May peace be with you,

I am so grateful to The Four Winds for it’s strong ethics, its true teachers, in the proper sense of the word, and it’s beautiful teachings.
Lots of Love to you,

A very small note filled with so much gratitude for you, the teachings, the space you hold and teach us, the grace, wisdom and ease with which you move and interact. I am very inspired by this journey and deeply grateful for you, Alberto and all The Four Winds staff for making it accessible to so many.
Much Love,

The training was exactly what I was looking for to take my own healing and psychic gifts and techniques to new dimensions. I am so thankful that I am doing this work and that it is constantly evolving and taking my own healing an what I can share with others so much further than I could have ever imagined.
With munay and great gratitude for everything

I spend my mornings doing my breathwork (to the Morning Meditation and Breathing CD) and often feel as though you are here with me.
I just want to share how grateful I am for this path, for how you hold us all so sweetly as we do our work and how inspired I am, by you, to share this wisdom with my community.
With so much love,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…for helping create a miracle, and for your kindness, generosity and all your teachings…we look forward to our ongoing learning with you. I recall my first encounter with The Four Winds, having just got off the plane, having traveled many thousands of miles to the state of Utah…not knowing that it would be the beginning of altering some of my ‘states’ of being in the world, showing me and enabling me to see healing possibilities we only dared to dream of…
I started of having registered for four consecutive courses with The Four Winds and that was just the beginning. Then there was ‘us’-my husband and life partner joined me and we both continued on our journey together, held and guided by the spirit and teachings of The Four Winds.
I could go on and on, unable to fully express our gratitude…so let me just say…thank you for the greatest gift of all- the gift of life.
With Love and Appreciation,
Elaine and Don

Since I have started the Four Winds classes I feel as though I have met my soul family. As these days and powerful transitions take place in my life, I want to take the time to thank you from every fiber of my being because now it feels like I am being alive. Thank you for opening my eyes to the remembrance of my life.
Eternally Grateful,

The gifts the Light Body teachings bring to your personal life continue to amaze and humble me. The comment I hear the most from the students after going through the School, “I could never have imagined my life as incredible as it is now”. I invite you to step into an incredible life…”

It took 6 years finishing a study like this and seems to be a good reason to make a little party. It does not mean that there are not more things to study in my life however I think I will make a celebration to finish this cycle. Once more I want to say thank you for all the things, that I could learn with you. Every time I recommend the Four Winds, because I think, the way you teach the Shamanic healing combines with our way of modern western people. I have leaned to look inside to discover my projections and then change them. And in this way, my life is completely changed. It is so good not to be a victim anymore. So thank you, thank you for your wonderful work.
A great warmly hug,

I just wanted to say once again thank you so much for the great experience in the South class at Joshua Tree. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I am so grateful for the healing work for myself and for the gifts and rights passed down to me so I can do my part to help shift the world for the better.
Very Respectfully and Munay,

Thank you both for the magical and phenomenal two weeks in Utah this August. I truly received more than I ever expected from all of my courses and expeditions over this past year. Thanks to you and to Spirit for the wonderful opportunities we created and share together in sacred space and ceremony. My life is deeply blessed and forever transformed through this work…lately from friends who have known me for many, many years say I’m looking 10 years younger! A lovely added bonus from the work! Thanks tons for the meditation to change our genetics!
Munay Sunko,

Your kind and knowledgeable words came at a time that I needed them. This time after the West has been difficult…I have continued to process on a deep and constant level. It has not been easy but is rewarding. I love your integrity and Alberto’s and have signed up for the rest of the Healing The Light Body courses.
Your work is beautiful!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, thank you for your time and generous effort to assist The Four Winds to run so smoothly and efficiently with grace, enthusiasm and inspiration.


South, “Illumination”

I just wanted to say once again thank you so much for the great experience in the South class at Joshua Tree. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I am so grateful for the healing work for myself and for the gifts and rites passed down to me so I can do my part to help shift the world for the better.


Advanced Divination/Advanced Soul Retrieval

Advanced Divination is an incredible class that really helps to hone your tracking skills.There are multiple, fun intuitive exercises that have you predominantly relying on your psychic senses.
The exercises open up your third eye on many levels & bring a deep level of knowing & confidence in your abilities. I highly recommend this class. It was so much fun to work on your tracking skills in so many different ways.

Advanced Divination provided new ways for me to envision my life. It built on all of the beautiful work that had occurred before to open up an even more grand possibility. Also, it was a lot of fun. I’ve never laughed as much in any other course. I’d highly recommend it to anyone seeking to deepen their medicine path in a profound yet lighthearted way.
John Germain Leto

I took both Advanced Soul Retrieval and Advanced divination in Sept. 2011. My client practice had been growing rapidly and I wanted to advance my skills for remote clients. Well, like so many classes at the Four Winds, Advanced Divination and Advanced Soul/Destiny Retrieval exceeded my expectations and intentions. Since class I feel I have stepped deeper into “Shaman” as a way of BEING, and my practice has expanded in many ways; remote sessions, in person sessions, teaching The Souls Journey. Destiny is pulling me now instead of me PUSHING!! Wow, what a pleasant way of living life!! I highly recommend these classes to anyone who is even slightly called, just say YES!! And let Destiny do the rest!
Once again, a big hearty Thank you to all at The Four Winds!


The Munay-Ki

Thank you for the work-study opportunity at the Munay-Ki in CA. The course was incredibly satiating. Amazing grace of an experience and so much gratitude for the work and opportunity to bring all those riches home and walk them int o the world here too.
Thank you and many blessings,
Sheryl Netzky

I wanted to thank you both for the beautiful way you held space for all of us and for the beautiful transmission of the Rites. They have changed my life. I appreciated your kindness , your integrity, your humor, your mastery and your humility in all that you did. I was especially touched by how respectful you were towards the fact that I had been trained in another tradition (through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies) and I felt very warmly welcomed by you and by the students in the class. Thank you! I was impressed by how kind-hearted everyone was- a beautiful testimony to the medicine ways you are teaching and the fruition of the medicine in all of your lives.
With warm regards,



Each day brought us new and more spectacular vistas and sites. Our Shaman performed beautiful ceremonies and gave us rites that will unfold us for a lifetime.
This was definitely a trip of a life-time…more a path and journey that really has no ending…Each and every one of us will continue to grow and unfold as a blossom to reveal our own personal treasures that our souls hold for us, and thus become more of the person we are to become in this lifetime.

I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing journey in Peru! You and  your staff held us in a sacred and beautiful way and it is truly appreciated.

I wanted to share my appreciation that I had the opportunity to accompany Dr.  Alberto Villoldo on the Via Illuminata to Peru this year. I am grateful that I could meet and work with the Inka Shaman that we studied with during our Via Illuminata. I know I  will want to return to Peru for all the gifts it has to offer us int he experience of human  and divine nature.

Iʼd like to express my gratitude for the work you are doing and have done. It has  had a profound effect on me and the changes are most remarkable on all levels,
especially since I have enrolled in the HLD school. I also can not say enough praise and love and gratitude for your staff as well. I never believed I was capable of hiking and doing the heights I actually did. I got a lot of help from Grandmother Hummingbird  especially at Piska. One step at a time. You must know how you have affected our lives and in return we shall touch others and change the big picture for the better. I am  eternally grateful for these gifts and the love and guidance.

We canʼt say enough good things about our experience in Peru. Very difficult to  verbalize, but it is safe to say it was life changing.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for two wonderful weeks in Peru and for all  your warmth, energy and inspiration. Iʼve come home with a new clarity and full of the joys of spring, and feeling so grateful and thankful for everything I have. A great change  in attitude from the me who was always looking for the next thing to do, be or have in order to be happy! I feel Iʼve found something with Shamanism and The Four Winds that  Iʼve been searching for for a long time.

There was something so nice about being in community on the mountain.   Listening/hearing the sleeping wakefulness patterns, the zippers of tents, and coats and
sleeping bags, the giggles, the snores and the avalanches.   Love and Munay Sanko to all,

WOW. What an experience. The power of the sites combined with the Shamans was unreal. I donʼt think that experience can be topped.

The Peru journey proved to be a magical experience for me. The Journey was awesome! To experience and have the chance to see the Shaman earthkeepers healing methods, ceremonies, fire ceremonies…and to be able to exchange energy and rites with them was a blessing. It is a different world. I am still left with the amazing effects of my journey. The integration of all the learning down to a cellular level continues.


Reading the Signs of Destiny

I have just attended Reading the Signs of Destiny in Germany and wanted to tell you what  a valuable experience it was- another opportunity to move forward on the journey and to  meet more people on the same path. For me the chance to revisit tools such as left eyeleft  eye tracking and three card stories led to new insights for myself and growing
confidence in working with others. The fun of stone and leaf casting, the I ching and egg divination, the Galactic psychic fair and the amazing beautiful and wonderful despacho
experience has helped me find a new space of lightness, joy and excitement.

I found the tools learned in Reading the Signs of Destiny to be brilliant, as they are so helpful for doing ones own personal work, I now feel better to track and trust my own instincts. I found it has given me lots of insights into working with clients of putting into better practice, some of the techniques already learned, I feel more in the flow. In a way for me, it was the most powerful class I have done, but I also understand that you work at a different level each class you take.


Rites and Initiation

Rites and Rituals was a fabulous class. It helped me connect to the rites and lineages in a different and deeper way. I experienced this at all levels of being, from the energetic and the various vibrations of the rites, through to the emotional and physical levels (e.g. lots of lightness and laughter and flowing in the class). Loved it! The Ritual element was only a small part of the class, yet was powerful. For me though, it was the calling, working with and transmitting the Rites. Such an honor to transmit them in the traditional way to brothers and sisters on this path.

The whole process of receiving the nine rites (traditional method of giving by the Laika, Alberto, and other teachers; the words spoken in the Quechua language; procedural steps of which “Apu” to call, which “Kuna” beings to call in), suddenly all made sense and gave meaning and understanding to all different “processes and steps” that I had either learned or been exposed to either in Peru or in my other classes. The significance of our sacred connections to all of creation through the rites and our duty to stewardship “Mesayok” of “Pachamama” was so clear after taking this class.
As always, we worked on our own personal clearings as we “honored” different rites of passages that somehow had been “lost” to us through circumstances outside of our control during our growing up. Although we worked in groups as a “collective” to see beyond ourselves, we also facilitated a lot of “personal” healing and transformation.
Being able to learn and understand how to “gift” rites in the traditional manner as it has been passed down for centuries, was truly a humbling experience.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to further their path as a Shaman!!!

I just like to say that some people say that Reading The Signs of Destiny class is unnecessary…for me it was fantastic. I grew a lot, shadows came up and the exercises there that you cannot learn in any other class. For me its an important class that is very needed. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to not do that class or change to Peru. Everyone’s journey is indeed different, for me that class was very important for my growth and development, a wonderful class.

Rites and Rituals was one of my favorites, I say that after every class, but this one was beautiful. Working with the Sacred is Working With the Sacred, this class is calling in the Sacred. Alberto talks about us sitting at the table and negotiating with God, this is how I make my place at the table. Just learning what all the words mean and being able to add that next layer of beauty when I call in Pachamama, the Wisdom Keepers, all of the Holy Mountains and the Star Beings, really holds me at the place of the Sacred. Then, there is working with the Rites. I have a richer, deeper relationship with each of them. I keep calling them in and continue to have them re-inform me. They are so much more alive in me! I took the Munay-Ki after this class. It is really awesome to have such a rich relationship with each rite and then gift them to clients, friends and family.

Rites and Rituals is a great way to immerse yourself in the energies and sounds of the traditional transmission of the Nine Great Rites of Transformation. In order to pass these rites along, a student must become the energy of the rites. Using the original Q’echua language greatly enhances this experience. A ‘Must Have’ class for anyone who wishes to deepen their connection with the lineage. My experience was invaluable in that the ability to call in the energies this way brings them in quickly and fully and is a great asset to all my work.
Dee Ann


Shaman’s Mesa and Ceremony

I absolutely loved Shaman’s Mesa and Ceremony. Jeffry is so incredibly warm and inclusive, so wise and generous of spirit. The learning was a joyous experience. We laughed a lot and learned so much. I am astonished at what Iʼve been given. I loved being in a class with all full mesa carriers, WOW!
Much love and gratitude,


Stepping Out of Time 

Wanted to let you know that the class, Stepping Out of Time, blew me away.  “It is my new favorite”. It spoke to me in such a deep global way as well as personally. As a Shaman, to know that as I worked this week it was going out into the world in so many, many ways. Again, I thank all of you at the office and all of the teachers, Alberto for all that you hold and bring, as well as encouraging us to hold and bring.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Stepping Out of Time class. While all your courses have been transformational, this one has touched me on a deeply personal level while providing further awakening, and experience, of connection to the global. Mastery of Time, along with Advanced Soul Retrieval, are courses I highly recommend and look forward to experiencing again in the years to come.
See you in the fire,

Wow! Stepping Out of Time class was like a mini dip in an azure pool of timelessness. Alberto’s skilled directions took us to a place where infinity could be tasted. To contemplate infinity for me has always been a double bind, coming from the finite as we all do. The exquisite piece in all of this is the potential awakened. What a beautiful and expansive gift!
I feel truly blessed to have found this path with these amazing gifted leaders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am still settling down from the experience of Stepping Out of Time. It was a very meaty class, dealing with our relationship to Time as the Ultimate Archetype. Lots of big shifts happened. We did a new mesa, sand paintings, 3 card stories, journeys, sacred dramas and dream work on behalf of ourselves and others. We learned a lot of techniques that will be valuable for our client work, as well as shifting our own perspectives. I highly recommend it.

Incredible class, Stepping Out of Time. I am still bouncing a bit off the ground, getting settled back in gradually. A real “stretcher” in so many ways.

The Stepping Out of Time Class profoundly changed my perspective of life and my healing practices. Time is intertwined through all experience in the Western Culture. After I had another student illuminate me on the concept of time, I did a self soul retrieval. I found a past life where time equaled death (the shadow time dial that meant my sacrificial death in that culture). Imagine my joy at changing the old contract “time=death to a new contract that “time=life.” The global mesa is extraordinary and very powerful. I thought the exchange of stones with friends and fellow Shamans was very powerful and enhanced my mesa.

Walking with Protection in the World

My experience in Walking with Protection was very profound. My whole body continues to be sore and slowly readjusting. My inner self is empty with serenity, further clearing, yet bubbling with motivation to Be Present for/with others. I know the clearing was and will further assist me to be center amidst the wide dense spaces and places I step into in my micro and macro communities. I am grateful for the weaved spaces of
learning, exploring, healing and knowing in the ancient healing praxis The Four Winds shares with community.

Walking With Protection was the most amazing class for us. You were such a wonderful team, methodical, lively and, what we both appreciated most was your presence and availability for all of us. This was indeed extraordinary. Not to forget all your stories which we loved. Teaching underscored with lively stories is so much more alive, never boring and the points really stick, bringing a big smile on our faces. Nobody
could have surprised us more, so unexpectedly with the flour circle… Thank you. Thank
you, thank you both for these wonderful days of teaching.
Johanna and Adelheid


The Women’s Altar

The Womenʼs Altar course with Marcela Lobos was luscious, delicious and  liberating. We celebrated our beauty, wisdom, hips and everything about being women.
Using the power of Sacred Feminine archetypes, we entered the womb of the dark  feminine to shed all that needed to be released, all that was dying, so we could find that which was dying to be born. We danced in ceremony with the Sacred Feminine  archetypes of maiden, mother and crone – with freshness and new energy, nurturing and love, wisdom and power. We found the place of sweetness and pleasure in shedding, to grow through sweetness. We bonded in a deep sisterhood of spirit, love and strength. It was an amazing transformation that has helped me discover more juiciness in my own feminine power and taught me to help others step more fully into the power of the Sacred Feminine.

My favorite all-time class with so much work done though it didnʼt feel like work at  all. Amazing that through the sharing of pictures on facebook, my friends and
acquaintances have been touched dramatically and are awakened, strengthened and  learning to nurture this energy within themselves. Itʼs like each of us who participated are a seed off of a dandelion, and will take root and populate fields far and wide.


Working with the Sacred

“Working With the Sacred” was the class that gripped me and is holding me… holding me in my busy world. Thank you.

I participated in the Working With the Sacred class. It was thrilling to gather together with nearly 70 individuals from around the world who were willing to experience both personal and collective shadow. Every exercise had a surprise unfolding. The leader and assistants were masters in their presentation and I thank them for creating such a life-enhancing experience.
As hard as it is to describe this program to anyone, I am moved to share the impact of many of the exercises with my friends. I can see now why it is a required course. The self reflection it provided through exercises moved my life into yet another level of sacred awareness and action. It was unlike any other program I have taken at the Four Winds-icing on the cake, so to speak and for me, it is one of my favorites. I anxiously look forward to repeating it in the future.

I’ve been back home exactly a week now and am still reverberating with the shifts of WWS! It was really good to meet and train with you. A huge thank you for such an amazing course and the quality of your teaching. I am seeing the world through new lenses. A couple of things you said made the whole trip worthwhile. You said, “The reason we do ceremony is to bypass the fear of the limbic brain.” Ho! I get it! Thank you!
Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you both for such a splendid class, Working With the Sacred. I rarely comment after a class, but I feel that this class’s content is particularly challenging to grasp and wanted to let you know how I appreciated how you were able to:

  • clearly present complex constructs and weave them together effectively
  • smoothly transition us from personal to group to global levels of engagement and understanding
  • honor both the individual and the group needs
  • keep a diverse group of individuals on track



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