What to Bring – South

  • Clothing
    • Outdoor clothing: come prepared to do evening fire ceremonies and outdoor explorations. Plan according to the time of year and site location. You may need to bring a coat or jacket, boots, raingear, flashlight, etc.
    • Comfortable clothes – bring comfortable clothes as much of our course work is done indoors on the floor. Chairs are available for those who need them.
    • Ceremonial evening clothes (nice dress, or slacks and shirt).
  • Pendulum
  • 3 stones – each stone should fit easily into your hand and move you or speak to you in some way. The stones will be the beginning of your mesa.
  • A small ceremonial cloth to hold your stones – approximately 18” x 18”.
  • Drum or rattle if you have one.
  • 2 small gifts – you will receive rites of passage in the Laika tradition. It is customary to gift the person giving the rites with a small token of your appreciation.
  • Journal for your notes.

What’s In a Day

Generally, each day will include morning breathing/meditation, teaching segments, sacred movement and dance (we have found that movement opens us to our energetic capacities), skill sessions, demonstrations, practice sessions and processing time. Evenings find us in ceremony.

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