Peru: 3 Tours in 2015

On the rock2

Peru is a land of exceptional beauty, rich culture and traditions dating back to the Incas. From the moment you step upon the earth here, a palatable change will be felt deep within your core. Even from the airport you see breathtaking mountain vistas… and once you leave the city, time slows to a gentle rhythm, allowing you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle you left at home.

Everything here feels bigger and more alive…the mountains, rivers, sky and even the hummingbirds! Your days are spent soaking up the knowledge from sacred sites and sitting in ceremony with our shaman elders as well as making new friends from around the world.

In 2015, we’re featuring the following expeditions to Peru, which can be clicked here or below:

The Four Winds journeys are not mere vacations, but spiritual expeditions where we immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the Amazon, Andes and Sacred Valley. We work with the Laika, some of the most extraordinary medicine men and women in the world who are the keepers of luminous healing, soul retrieval and the prophecies. You will be welcomed as friends as they lead us in ceremony at the most sacred sites in the Andes. 

Our highly trained staff will be there to guide you on a path of transformation and beauty in a land filled with new experiences at every turn.

Join us in 2015 and come ready to step outside of ordinary time. Come sit with us in ceremony at lost temples where you have the opportunity to rediscover your essential nature, and come into right relationship with these sacred sites and the spirit of the land.

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