Advanced Shamanic Initiations

And in 2014 we have the opportunity to harvest from all the energetic downloads received last year. We invite you to come and harvest with us your luminous potential.

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Dates 2014 (TBA)
Host: Marcela Lobos

For FWS Students or Graduates Only
You must complete or have completed at least one FWS course to be qualified to attend this expedition.

In all the spiritual traditions, the great initiations happen on towering mountaintops such as Mt. Sinai, Mt. Ararat, Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Olympus.

During our Advanced Shamanic Initiation Journey, we go on a three-day pilgrimage to Mount Pachatusan, the “Axis of the World” as it is known by the Laika. There you receive the highest rites of this Andean tradition, which we call Earth Keepers, Time to Come, and Creator. You receive these rites in the belly of the holy mountain itself.

Many students of our school have already received the ‘seeds’ of these rites yet have not fully grown them. In this experiential journey you root and grow your seeds to awaken the medicine and the power of each rite. We work with the Laika in Huacas – places of power – of the Sacred Valley, and in millenary outcroppings, rocks and lagoons on Pachatusan. These are the places where Alberto and the Laika privately visit to strengthen their medicine. Three years ago they documented this journey in the movie, “The Galactic Serpent.”

In the movie, Alberto explains how – during the course of the year 2012 – we have the opportunity to experience a new consciousness no longer bound by the constrictions of linear thinking and the limitations of our history. And in this year 2013 we have the opportunity to harvest from all the energetic downloads received last year. We invite you to come and harvest with us your luminous potential.

During our Advanced Shamanic Initiation expedition, you are guided into advanced meditation and ceremonies to connect with places of power around the Earth and beyond, even to the streams of knowledge that flow through space and inform galaxies. We even experience ceremony atnighttime under the stars.

From the beginning of the journey we prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually to fully receive the three highest initiations on Mt. Pachatusan. At the physical level we go on a special diet containing nutrients that support our luminous energy field and our hiking meditation practices. At the emotional level we process individually and as a group to release the old patterns of the mind and of the heart. At the level of the soul we are purified through prayer, ceremony, and ritual. And energetically we receive all the foundation rites including the Day Keeper and Wisdom Keeper.

 This is a profound, transformational, and exquisite journey!

 To participate you must be in reasonable physical condition and be able to hike for at least two miles. We camp for a total of three nights near our ceremonial lagoons, so you must bring a sleeping bag and air mat. Tents are provided. All three meals are included while camping. 

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