Advanced Shamanic Initiations – Detailed Itinerary

Via Illuminata - Shaman PropheciesDuring the Advanced Shamanic Initiation Expedition, we will do a three-day pilgrimage to Mount Pachatusan, the “Axis of the World” where you will receive the highest rites of this Andean tradition that we call the Earth Keepers, Time to Come, and Creator Rites.

Sample itinerary for Advanced Shamanic Initiations

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July 11th:
  • Meet at the Cusco Airport for transfer to our Hotel in the Sacred Valley.
  • Settle into your room and get acquainted with the surroundings.
  • Evening welcome ceremony with Marcela and the Laika shamans.
  • Fire Ceremony.
July 12th:
  • Breakfast.
  • We visit Moray, the place where the Laika bred and crossbred their wisdom and their corn.
  • We meditate to find our roots connecting to the Earth and we strengthen our serpent medicine.
  • We reflect on our physical, literal world and it’s chaos, beauty and complexity.
  • Despacho Ceremony with the Laika to reinforce the “Healer” rites, which is our connection with the lineage of medicine men and women.
  • Late picnic lunch at the site.
July 13th:
  • Breakfast.
  • Today we hike to Pumamarca, the Temple of the Puma.
  • Here we will strengthen our jaguar medicine and fine-tune the way we hold our intentions. We reflect on the ripples created by our minds and emotions.
  • Despacho Ceremony with the Laika to strengthen our “Day Keeper” rites.
  • Late picnic lunch at the site.
July 14th:
  • Breakfast.
  • Rest day or optional journey to Machu Picchu by train.
  • Archeological tour of the fabled “City of Light”.
  • There is an additional cost for this tour – must pre-register
July 15th:
  • Breakfast.
  • On this day we visit Tipon, a Temple to the Waters and the Flowers. Here we connect with the medicine of Hummingbird, sipping only from the nectar of life, and also finding stillness while in flight.
  • Our despacho ceremony is dedicated to strengthen our epic journey and to embrace the “Wisdom Keeper” rites.
  • Late picnic lunch.
July 16th:
  • Breakfast.
  • After breakfast we challenge ourselves with a hike to Pisac, the Temple of the Falcon, to activate our mythical and energetic eagle’s eyes and wings.
  • We reinforce our connection to the upper world and our ability to “soar” to the heavens.
  • We embrace the unity of the eagle and the condor through a Despacho Ceremony with the Laika and expand our “Earth Keeper” rites.
July 17th:
  • Breakfast.
  • After breakfast departure to Mt. Pachatusan, the “Axis of the World”.
  • Pilgrimage to our base camp near the ceremonial lagoons.
  • Afternoon Despacho Ceremony to summon the spirit of the mountain.
  • Evening meditation to awaken the Quetzalcoatl consciousness and prophecies.
  • Lunch and dinner in our camping grounds.
  • Camping.
July 18th:
  • Individual vision quest and sand painting in preparation for the “Mosok” or “The Time to Come” ceremony.
  • Afternoon guided meditation near the ceremonial lagoons to open the inner gateway to our destinies.
  • Evening Despacho Ceremony and “Mosok” rites under the stars.
  • Conscious dreaming exercise.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at campsite.
  • Camping at Pachatusan Mtn.
 July 19th:
  • You’ll learn how to enter a more heightened and delicious state of awareness by eating lightly.
  • We’ll continue with our vision quest as we do a moderate hike to the shaman’s stone. There we’ll do our despacho ceremony to call in the Creator’s consciousness and receive the transmission directly from its source.
  • Conscious dreaming exercise.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at campsite.
  • Camping at Pachatusan Mtn.
July 20th:
  • Pachatusan Mtn/Sacred Valley.
  • Breakfast.
  • Ceremonial circle to say goodbye to the mountain and disassemble our sand painting.
  • Break camp and hike down to our bus below.
  • Check into hotel ~ hot showers!
  • Afternoon and evening individual contemplation.
July 21st:
  • After a leisurely breakfast we visit the town and archeological site of Ollantaytambo
  • Meditation at the temples
  • Sharing circle to discuss how we keep growing the rites in our day-to-day lives
  • 7:30 PM Meeting and talk with Alberto Villoldo
July 22nd:
  • Breakfast.
  • Leave the Sacred Valley and visit Cusco City.
  • Optional walking tours of Cusco.
  • Visits to the Cathedral, Temple of the Coricancha and Main Square.
  • Lunch on your own in Cusco.
  • Late afternoon return to our Hotel.
  • Closing and Fire Ceremony.
July 23rd:
  • Breakfast.
  • Early morning transfer to the Cusco Airport.
  • Connecting flights to Lima and international flights home.


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