Amazon Expedition with Marcela Lobos

Amazon Rainforest Expedition

Work with Master Shamans in the Jungles of the Amazon

Dates: July 6 – 12, 2014
Host: Marcela Lobos
Open only to Four Winds Society students and graduates.

Journey to the Amazon to explore the virgin Rainforest and work with the shamans who have journeyed beyond death.

This is a signature Four Winds Expedition, limited to 24 participants, and founded on our proprietary four-fold path. You shed your past the way the serpent sheds her skin; you learn the pathways that lead beyond death; you steep in the ancient wisdom
teachings; and you acquire a new vision and mission for your life.

JAGUAR3The journey begins a month before your departure as you detoxify your brain with neuro-nutrients that prime your for en enlightening experience and allow you to keep the visions and gifts of the Jungle.

The Shipibo shamans hold the ancient healing traditions of Amazonian plant medicine.  Marcela holds the Medicine Wheel teachings to create a safe and transforming journey and help you bring the gifts back home.

Our lodge is located near the city of Pucallpa, Peru, an hour flight from Lima. From Pucallpa we travel two hours upriver by canoe to our exquisite (yet rustic) jungle lodge.

LOROTrip Highlights:

  • Join a unique Amazon tour and expedition as we sit in ceremony with the jungle shamans and learn their techniques for stepping out of ordinary time.
  • Stay in an exquisite jungle lodge where you will enjoy fine food and comfort in the heart of the Amazon.
  • Explore lush tropical Amazon flora and fauna with a native botanist.
  •  Become part of a community of medicine people as you journey and sit in ceremony daily with the jungle shamans – what you experience will source you forever.

Important Links/Additional Information:

Base expedition price –$2,650 per person double occupancy.
Individual travelers requesting double occupancy will be paired with a same-gender roommate. Airfare not included.

 For More Information:

  1. Please contact Maria Clara Castaneda at
  2. Toll-free North America: 1- (888)-437-4077 or Dial Direct: 1- (435) -647-5988
  3. Do you have a question? Contact here