Holy Mountain Salkantay

Salkantay 4

Pilgrimage to Mt. Salkantay 

Dates TBA 2015.
Host: Marcela Lobos

For FWS Students or Graduates Only

The Quechua name “Salkantay” means “she who is untamable”! In this pilgrimage you go to the belly of Salkantay to commune with its undomesticated spirit. There you recharge your body and your life with energy that is pure potential. The mountain blesses you with its tremendous life force and wisdom.

Salkantay 5You begin the pilgrimage in the Sacred Valley with a week of preparation. At the physical level Marcela will teach you how to walk and breathe in the high Andes Mountains; emotionally she’ll help you identify and release what drains your energy; mythically you’ll participate in ceremonies that give you strength and vision; energetically you’ll receive the high Munay-Ki initiations.

After our week in the Sacred Valley, we proceed to Salkantay by bus – a three hour ride. We walk to our first campground as we inhale the fresh green landscape. With Marcela each step is a prayer; each breath is communion with nature; each glance is a statement of being completely present in the experience.

On the second day we may see avalanches from Salkantay’s towering walls as we approach our campground near the glacier. There we sleep peacefully beneath a majestic sky.
On the third day we cross a 15,750 feet pass overlooking the Vilcabamba Range. That night we receive the highest rites from our shamans.

Salkantay 6-MontanaThen on we descend, surrounded by breathtaking views, following an ancient Inka trail by millenary  sacred sites. Every step is an invitation to continue your vision quest and to open your heart to the new life you are crafting .

This expedition is not for the faint of heart. It includes five days (four nights camping) on the mountain. 

Trip Highlights:

  • Sacred ceremonies at the ancient archeological sites of Pisa’q, Pumamarca, Moray, and others, where you sit in ceremony with the Shamans and prepare for the mountain journey.
  • Our pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain takes us through spectacular vistas of snow-covered mountains to power places where we will bring our offerings and receive gifts of power from the mountains.
  • Become part of a community of medicine people as you walk and sit in ceremony with the Laika shamans – what you experience will source you forever.

Important Links/Additional Information

  • Detailed Itinerary (TBA)
  • Passport, Flight & Other Frequently Asked Questions (TBA)
  • Optional Day Trip to Machu Picchu. (TBA)

Price (TBA)

Salkantay 3For More Information or to Register:

1. Maria Clara Castaneda at

2. Toll-free North America:
     1- (888)-437-4077 or  
     Dial Direct: 1- (435) -647-5988

4. Any question? Contact here.

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