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Why Travel with The Four Winds Society

For over 30 years The Four Winds Society has been leading expeditions to Peru.  We work with the Laika, some of the most extraordinary medicine men and women in the world, who are the keepers of the prophecies and lead us in ceremony at the most sacred places in the Andes.

Our expeditions are not mere vacations, but expeditions where we immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the Amazon, Andes, and Sacred Valley.  You will be welcomed as friends by the lineage of medicine men and women who preserve the teachings of luminous healing, soul retrieval, and the prophecies.

Join us and come ready to step outside of ordinary time. Come sit in ceremony at lost temples where you may rediscover your essential nature and come into proper relationship with all of life.

For additional information or assistance with your registration, please contact us at or via phone at (877) 492-0887.