What is Prayer?

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Most religions in the world involve prayer in one way or another in their rituals. Wikipedia defines prayer as the act of attempting to communicate with a deity or spirit whether for guidance, confession, worship or as an expression of thoughts and emotions. The shaman’s journey also includes prayer but the form is different. For the shaman, prayer is an active co-creation with the universe.

At its highest expression, the shaman’s prayer becomes a process of becoming one with the divine. In the Light Body School we teach that when your love, your intention, and your vision come into alignment, the universe goes out of its way to actively conspire on your behalf. One easy way to bring your love, intention and vision into alignment is through a shaman’s prayer ceremony.

The first step in the shaman’s prayer is mirrored in the East direction work of the Wisdom Teachings. This is the step of owning what you have created in your life. In learning to dream the world into being, you begin by making a judgment about your life, or someone else in your life, and then own this as your projection. You own that you are the storyteller of your life.

The second step (after having the courage to own your story) is recognizing the gifts, the affirmative qualities or positive intentions of each judgment or story. It is key that you not only consider the positive side of your life but the elements you may judge as dark or negative as well. This is the step of honoring and deep gratitude.

When you come to Peru and work with the Q’ero Elders, you will notice how they are so full of joy. Their eyes sparkle – almost like a child’s eyes. You mirror and create this same childlike delight and joy for your life when you own and honor each story or judgment and live from a place of gratitude.

The shaman’s prayer is an active interaction with all of life through ceremony. For the shaman, it is important not only to recognize the gifts but to also take action. The last but critical step in dreaming your world into being is to take your prayers into ceremony. At any time, you can take your prayers of abundance, joy, peace, support and/or stillness into prayer ceremony.

The traditional prayer ceremony of the Q’ero is the despacho. A despacho is very easy to create and brings your intention and vision into alignment. Place a large piece of wrapping paper on a table and bring burnable items to it in prayer. You can make a beautiful mandala of flowers, incense, corn, candies, and confetti. Use whatever items are available and may draw you to place in the despacho. Use your breath by blowing your desires into each item, and then place them in the center of the paper. When you feel complete with your prayers, draw the edges of the paper up around the bundle and tie it with string. Typically the bundle is burned to release your prayers to spirit and allow the universe to conspire on your behalf.

There are many ways to build a traditional despacho but as long as your heart is guiding you, you will be building your despacho correctly.  This is the time we have been waiting for and it is the time to step in and create what you want in your life. Wishing you the best as you take your journey into owning, honoring, and prayer ceremony.

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